Unique Features Of Notepadqq

It is a specialized Linux text editor. Through Notepadqq we can edit the programs. It makes it convenient for programmers to do work. Linux is a developed community operating system for computers and other devices. Programmers do their work with great efficiency. The Notepaddqq was released after notepad++.

Some Other Information

The notepadqq technology is based on Qt. Qt is the graphical user interface framework that is used for different development of software running in all operating system OS and different hardware platforms. the editor is developed with the help of Linux programs. Ubuntu environment is most favorable for this editor. Its font theme is like the classic them of the window. Read more about Googelecom.

Notepaddqq is a very good editor as the programming is tough. When do people understand how to do it? They get fun out of doing programming. It is a convenient editor for the notepad++ user. As it came after the notepad++ So, the people who want to switch to notepadqq. Then it would be a great choice for such programmers.

So, those who have learned how to use notepad++ should use notepadqq. These two editors are quite similar. There is one difference in that the color of the text is visible. Notead++ text is very difficult to read. It would take a long time just to read. In Notepaddqq the texts can be seen and you can easily operate on it.

The notepadqq is a very popular editor as compared to the ordinary windows editor. As the windows have to think about all the programming of windows. That is why the windows editor is not quite strong. You have to download the editor separately.


The features of notepadqq are given below.

Best Highlighting

As we know that in programming even one alphabet can change the code. So the programmers highlight to see if the content they wanted to write is right or wrong. This editor has a syntax highlighting feature. It has also an automatic code identification system.

Start Where You Leave 

This editor has such an advanced system. In this feature when you can go back to where the unclosed tabs. So you won’t have to bother manually opening the unclosed files. In this, you will also save some time. As time doesn’t wait for anything.

Duplication Of code

The duplication of code is also producing efficiency in the programmer’s life. The hotkeys for duplicating code is Ctrl + D. In this way you won’t have to save it and then paste the content. Time is the only thing that waits for none. You will be able to save lots of time.

Other Feature 

Notepaddqq has a feature of line transposing. It also makes it easy for programmers. This editor is programmed for this kind of feature. it has also multiple cursers features which are also making it easy to work. In this feature, you can simultaneously work in this editor. It also has a theme feature in which you can change the theme of the words. You can change the body of the words. Whatever the user preference is you can change it accordingly.

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