Services Provided By Googelecom

What is Googelecom?

Googelecom is application software. It is an online platform that consists of many features. It was created and released in 2010. It has been estimated that a total of more than 90 people use its services.

Services of Googelecom

Googelecom is a search engine application. But other than that it also provides some extra features. It includes storage, email sharing, taking and uploading pictures. Other than that you can also manage your files or find different locations etc.

Googelecom: Search engine

In Googelecom, you can search for anything like asking different questions. You can shop with the help of this app. It is like an all-in-the-service package. You can search for different locations, business spots, places, etc. Other than that, you can research anything using this platform. It connects different websites and forwards the appropriate websites to its clients [users].

Googelecom: storage

 One of the most important services of Googelecom is extra storage. It is given only to its users that have signed up on this. This storage is provided like a drive. You can store anything in it. it can be pictures, videos, documents, presentations, etc. Things saved in it are safe and secure, you can view your documents anytime and anywhere using any device.

Googelecom: email sharing

Googelecom gives their client another awesome feature of email. With this feature, you can send and receive emails. In short, It also provides the feature of social communication. It keeps their clients connected with their loved ones.

Googelecom: uploading pictures

Like Instagram and Facebook, you can also take and upload a picture on ItYou can also view and like other pictures. You can also search the content of your interest. This feature of Googelecom is very awesome. It takes away your boredom and makes you busy. It makes you feel connected with the outside world.


It also provides the feature of finding a location. With this feature, you can find it anyplace, anytime, and anywhere. The only thing you have to do is to type the required area. You can also search the area by typing its zip code. Now even this feature is further updated. Now, it even gives you direction until you reach your required destination. This feature is more like a GPS.

Googelecom: others

There are more Features of Googelecom, others than those that are discussed above. It includes Duo, files, calculator, news, etc. These features are also as much interesting as above. The duo is a feature common for android phone users. It is like a video call. It is similar to the facetime of iOS [operating systems]. Files like file manager are used for filing, managing the storage, etc.

A calculator is simply used for calculations. But it is a scientific calculator having extra features of log, exponents, trigonometric functions, etc. News is the feature that notifies us about the current affairs of our country. It includes politics, entertainment, sports, etc.


For every app designer, their first and foremost goal is their client’s happiness. It provides us with all those features that are the need of the day. It is not different from that. It connects many different site links, webpage, etc in a nutshell. And that nutshell is what we call Googelecom.

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