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Plots in Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is the modern investor’s first choice and a citizen’s true dream. It has brought tranquility and technology together in a dynamic environment. The plots in Taj Residencia are selling out faster than you think, so we are here to tell you all about them.

Surely, you must need a proper range of plots to choose from. Taj Residencia provides exactly that, so you can easily get the plot that fits your budget. Furthermore, Taj Residencia offers a variety of flexible payment options.

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When assessing all of the investment alternatives, the range of plot sizes is a vital issue to consider. You will be pleased to learn that, depending on your preferences, you can purchase either a 5 Marla or a 2 Kanal property. They can also be purchased on a 2.5-year payment plan.

In addition, the management has introduced a new plot size of 3.5 Marla for your convenience. It comes with a four-year payment plan.

After making a down payment, you will be able to take possession of the plots.

The value of the lodging society continues to rise day by day. As a result, you should consider reserving your ideal property without further ado.

Plot Sizes in Taj Residencia

The lodging society provides the plot sizes mentioned below,

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal 

Plot Price Trends in Taj Residencia

Let us explore the prices at which you can obtain property in Taj Residencia. Plot reservations begin with a 20% deposit, followed by 10 equal quarterly payments over the following months. You must pay the non-refundable processing fees. A 5 Marla residential property is available for as little as PKR 8 lakh. Meanwhile, you can get a 10 Marla plot for anywhere between PKR 20 lakh and PKR 67 lakh.

The Taj Residencia community also has 1 Kanal plots starting at PKR 95 lakh and going up to PKR 1 crore. You must note that the Main Boulevard, corner, and park facing plots will be charged a 10% premium, while lump sum payments would receive a 6% reduction.

3.5 Marla Payment Plan

The management established the 3.5 Marla plot size under the Pakistan Package. These plots are presented to serve citizens on a smaller budget. Keep in mind, however, that this low-cost scheme is only available for a limited time and that there are only a few plots available.

The plot price and payment schedule are listed below.

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
3.5 Marla (20*40) PKR 460,000 PKR 127,500 PKR 25,00,000

5 Marla Payment Plan

Following the success of the affordable 3.5 Marla project, Taj Residencia has announced a new low-cost offer. It is of 5 Marla Residential Plots under the Pakistan Package.

Only files are currently available for booking, and a 20% payment is required. Furthermore, the price of these 5 Marla plots is cheap, and you can pay in instalments if you choose.

The Pakistan Package allows for first-come, first-served reservations. As a result, you should make your plot reservations right away.

The payment plan is outlined below.

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
5 Marla (25*50) PKR 650,000 PKR 178,125 PKR 35,00,000

8 Marla Payment Plan

Then, there is the 8 Marla plot of property, which investors seek beyond all others. It is because it is neither too vast nor too little in terms of living space. As a result, you can purchase this property with a 20% down payment and construct your dream home.

Let’s have a look at the payment plan, shall we?

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
8 Marla (30*60) PKR 750,000 PKR 600,000 PKR 75,00,000

10 Marla Payment Plan

The 10 Marla plot size is next on the list. Because of its vastness, it is a common plot size. Only a 20% deposit is required to secure a reservation, with the remainder due in ten equal quarterly instalments.

The following is the payment plan:

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
10 Marla (35*70) PKR 950,000 PKR 760,000 PKR 95,00,000

14 Marla Payment Plan

A 14 Marla plot is a one-of-a-kind size only available at Taj Residencia. As a result, the procedure for obtaining it is the same as for the plots stated before, with the exception that the price is slightly greater.

The following is the payment schedule for the 14 Marla plot:

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
14 Marla (40*80) PKR 12,00,000 PKR 960,000 PKR 12,000,000

1 Kanal Payment Plan

Then we have the most desired plot size, the 1 Kanal plot. Only a 20% payment is required to reserve your plot, with the remaining balance payable in ten equal quarterly instalments.

Take a look at its payment schedule.

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
1 Kanal (50*90) PKR 15,00,000 PKR 1,200,000 PKR 15,000,000

2 Kanal Payment Plan

Finally, Taj Residencia has a 2 Kanal property to offer too. It is the most valuable of all the properties. To reserve your plot, only a 20% down payment is necessary, with the remaining balance payable in ten equal quarterly instalments.

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
2 Kanal (75*120) PKR 25,00,000 PKR 2,000,000 PKR 25,000,000

Payment Plan for a Commercial Plot of 5 Marla

A commercial plot of 5 Marla is available with a 2.5-year payment plan. The plot is in high demand on the market, so act quickly if you want one.

The payment plan for it is considered one of the most flexible of them all,

Plot Size Down Payment Quarterly Instalments Total Price
5 Marla (20*40) PKR 30,66,590 PKR 24,53,272 PKR 30,665,590


The Taj Residencia is in an ideal position, away from the noise and action of the twin cities yet still close enough to be accessible. Furthermore, the payment plans make it easier for prospective buyers to buy a plot. So, let us help you book your own dream property in the lodging society.

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