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Kingdom Valley Overseas block payment plan & updates

The Overseas Executive Block is one of the most important blocks of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad, which is an upcoming elite housing project. The Kingdom Group is developing it, and it is already approved, along with being thoughtfully locatable near Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) in Islamabad at a highly accessible location.

The Overseas Block aims to provide an enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle with ease and at affordable rates to the overseas citizens of Pakistan. This housing project was registered under the approval number for the (NOC) No Objection Certificate of this project in Islamabad, and its number is “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021”. This certificate also guarantees that kingdom valley is free of any legal difficulties.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Overseas Executive Block

Kingdom Group is working with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme to make this housing project a success. As a result, the plots in this block of Kingdom Valley are being booked in huge numbers. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is further separated into the following Blocks:

  • Residential Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Farmhouse Block
  • Kingdom Villas
  • Overseas (Executive Block)

The Overseas Executive Block of this housing project provides residential plots of different sizes at affordable rates. In addition, this block would have all the world-class facilities like parks, mosques, educational and financial institutions for its inhabitants as well.

Following are some of the plot sizes in Kingdom Valley Islamabad Commercial Block:

  • 8 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 16 Marla

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Overseas Block Payment Plan

Below is the new payment plan for the residential plots of Overseas Executive Block

Payment Plan of Overseas Executive Block 8 Marla Plot

  • The overall rate of 8 Marla plots in the Overseas Executive Block is PKR 1,500,000
  • Down payment is required to be submitted, which is around PKR 150,000
  • 40 monthly instalments need to be paid comprising of PKR 18,000
  • Eight half-yearly instalments of PKR 60,000
  • The balloting for 8 Marla plots of this block would start at PKR 150,000
  • Overseas Executive Block 12 Marla Plot Payment Plan:
  • The total price of 12 Marla plots in the Overseas Executive Block is PKR 2,100,000
  • Down payment is required to be submitted, which is around PKR 210,000
  • 40 monthly instalments must be paid comprising of PKR 23,626
  • Eight half-yearly instalments of PKR 90,000
  • The balloting for 12 Marla plots in this block starts at PKR 210,000

 Payment Plan of Overseas Executive Block 16 Marla Plot

  • Down payment should be submitted, which ranges around PKR 280,000
  • 40 monthly instalments must be paid around PKR 31,500
  • Eight half-yearly instalments of PKR 120,000
  • The balloting for 16 Marla plots in this block starts at PKR 280,000


Educational Institutes

The Kingdom Valley owners have also included the setting up of notable educational institutions. Moreover, it also offers the optimal and superior curriculum within proximity to the inhabitants. Therefore, the residents would benefit from the opportunity at a lesser distance. The projects would even provide other renowned institutes such as the Superior College of Girls in Chakri Campus, Global School System, and Usman Institute of higher learning.

Family Amusement Park

Recreational activities are essential for a fun time for adults as well as children’s leisure time. Furthermore, another significant part of this affordable housing project is a huge theme park for its residents. The theme park would have all types of fun rides, swings, slides, and many other fun recreational activities.

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Adequate Health care Provision

Adequate health care is an essential requirement of every individual. This housing project is optimal because the provision of proper health care facilities such as hospitals and clinics would be very near to the entire community. Furthermore, the hospitals and clinics would employ world-class technology and highly trained medical staff such as doctors and nurses. In addition to that, some of the most excellent health care facilities around the project would have Care Medical Center Royal Chakri Road, Basic Health Unit opposite Al-Haram City, Children’s Hospital, and Armaghan Clinic.


It can be concluded that the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Overseas Executive Block would have affordable for everyone due to its reasonable payment plan. Its payment plan makes it an ideal and safe investment opportunity for investors and the people of Islamabad. The investors interested in investing in this housing project may contact the dealers of Estate Land Marketing for more details.

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