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Is real estate a promising career in Pakistan?

A realtor or a real estate agent is a professional who will help the client throughout either buying or selling property. As a realtor, you will be in charge of the entire process, from finding a party, carrying out negotiations, and eventually holding the closing. In exchange for the services provided, realtors get paid a commission which is usually a percentage of the entire value of the property. Here are some factors that you should consider before deciding whether real estate is a good career option. You should invest in Lahore Smart City to build a career in Pakistan.

Market conditions

As a real estate agent, your income is directly related to how well the real estate market performs. If there is a lot of activity occurring in the market, you will secure several deals. In contrast, if the market is slow, you will struggle to close off even a single contract. The real estate market in Pakistan has shown some promising figures. Activity in the market has continuously risen and so have the values of the plots. The greater the property’s value, the higher your commission will be. The real estate sector is one of Pakistan’s most significant sectors and considerably contributes to the economy. Therefore the real estate market conditions in Pakistan make real estate an excellent career choice.

Selling real estate properties online

With the rise of e-commerce in today’s time, houses and plots are now increasingly being sold online. They are sold through the help of multiple real estate sites that emerged with time and have made their way to Pakistan. These sites and online platforms make the process of buying and selling property extremely convenient. As a real estate agent in today’s time, you can do your job using these sites while sitting at home. It also allows real estate agents to be in any part of the world while not taking a break from work. Hence the job of a real estate agent in Pakistan has become comparatively more straightforward as they are provided with multiple options. There are many opportunities to invest in Rudn Enclave.

Easier regulations

The government of Pakistan is focused on expanding the real estate sector of Pakistan. Hence they are creating favorable policies and incentives that will help attract more builders and investors. The rules and laws involved are more lenient now, making buying and selling significantly easier. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has also abolished some requirements that previously halted investment. Buyers are required to show less information; these measures have attracted a significant number of investors both domestically and internationally.

Increased competition

Due to all the benefits, the number of people in the real estate sector has increased dramatically over time. More and more people now prefer to join the real estate market primarily due to the job’s perks and flexibility. However, an increased number of people in the real estate sector means increased competition. Unless the real estate market activity increases by the same proportion, the supply in the market will be more significant than the demand. However, if you are a skilled professional, you should have faith in your work as it will stand out, and you will be able to secure clients.

Be wary of frauds

Along with all its benefits, the real estate sector of Pakistan is also famous for the number of frauds that take place in this market. Many sellers hire real estate agents and use them to find a seller. However, they remove the real estate agents from the scene after seeing a buyer avoid paying commission. Since a realtor gets paid at the closing of the deal, they end up with nothing. Moreover, there have been several cases where existing buildings and plots had fake papers, which were later declared illegal. Hence the risk of being exploited is present. As a realtor, you should be sure to sign a legally binding contract with your client to prevent them from breaking the deal. After 30% of payment, you can receive plot number in 1947 Housing.


The real estate world is highly complex, and its dynamics constantly fluctuate. Hence a career in real estate will be challenging. You must do all your research to know exactly what this career will consist of.

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