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Many people are unaware of the disorder known as hyperspermia. It’s a rare condition that has an effect on men’s fertility. Around 4% of males have been diagnosed with this condition, according to the research.

Hyperspermia has no negative health repercussions for men, although it has the potential to lower male fertility.

Infertility is a problem that affects the majority of couples around the world, including those in Mumbai.

lifestyle, stress, if you have children later in life, and other things can all contribute to this illness.

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This article will assist you in learning more about hyperspermia so that you can receive the treatment you require.

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What is Hyperspermia?

Hyperspermia is a condition in which a male produces far more sperm than is typical. Semen is the fluid ejected by a male during orgasm, and it contains both sperm and prostate gland fluid. The typical amount of semen ejaculated by a male is 2-5ml. In men who have hyperspermia, it might exceed 5.5 ml.

Signs and symptoms of sperm Hyperspermia

Doctors advise that therapy should begin as soon as feasible unless you are willing to risk your chances of becoming a parent.

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The following are some of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of hyperspermia:

  • During ejaculation, there is more seminal fluid than usual.
  • Males with hyperspermia may find it more difficult to conceive with their partners. Their odds of miscarriage increase somewhat if their spouse becomes pregnant.
  • When sperm are released, they are yellowish or off-white in colour, and men with hyperspermia usually have less discomfort during ejaculation than men who do not have the disorder.

Hyperspermia can be caused by a variety of factors.

Although doctors and researchers have yet to pinpoint the exact cause of hyperspermia, a variety of factors could be at play:

  • When there is a long period of time between sexual contacts, sperm accumulation can occur, resulting in an increase in sperm count.
  • Various types of sperm-booster drugs virtually always result in a rise in sperm counts.
  • Using sperm-booster drugs and products can aid in the production of more sperm.
  • Any steroid use can cause this condition, as studies have shown that steroids cause more harm than good.
  • Prostate infection, according to doctors, is the most likely cause of this unique condition in men.
  • Some people can increase the amount of their sperm count or volume by eating foods heavy in protein, fibre, and minerals.

Is Hyperspermia a factor in Infertility?

Men with more sperm have fewer sperm in their ejaculate fluid than men with fewer sperm. Fertility may be harmed as a result of the diluted fluid. Hyperspermia is one of the reasons that could cause infertility among men.

On the other hand, low sperm count does not necessarily indicate infertility. It is still possible to conceive a kid with this (low-sperm) condition.

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How can you know if you have hyperspermia?

The fertility specialist will order a physical examination as well as ask you to undergo the below given tests.

  • Semen test
  • Imaging
  • Hormonal test

What are the options for treating hyperspermia?

In most circumstances, hyperspermia will not require therapy until it interferes with your ability to procreate with your spouse and causes fertility complications.

Medication to assist you improve your sperm count may  suggest by an infertility specialist. Alternatively, your doctor may take sperm from your testes using the sperm retrieval technique.

The sperm will be utilised in IVF or immediately inserted into your partner’s egg via ICSI after the IVF physician extracts it. The fertilised embryo is then put into your spouse’s uterus to grow.


Hyperspermia is an uncommon disorder that has no impact on a man’s health or ability to reproduce.

Sperm retrieval with IVF or ICSI can improve the odds of a successful pregnancy for men who are having problems getting their spouse pregnant.

If you’re having trouble with male infertility, make an appointment with Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, at the best IVF centre in Mumbai. For more than three decades, he has worked in the field of reproductive medicine.

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