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Welcome to the new savvy paper piece, in this article you will find all the information about Robux. Many people are confused about the questions like how to gift Robux. How to give Robux to friends on phone? This article should answer the questions such as how to give Robux to people? And how to send robux?

Before spotlighting all the related questions of robux first let’s explain what is robux? And how it works. If you are unfamiliar with the words robux and roblox this article will help you. So keep in touch till the end.

Whenever you see the word robux you will also face the word Roblox. Robux is the currency used for different activities in roblox. Where Roblox is the platform that allows users to create the game and then play it accordingly. This studio allows people who are under 18 and among them this studio is ranked as one of the top entertainment game studios.

About robux

Now come to robux, how the word robux is associated with roblox. Robux is the currency or you can say virtual currency which is acceptable for roblox games. For any game, there are coins or gems through gamer can purchase different things in the game, same like that robux is used for all the roblox games.

Why robux is important?

Strictly speaking, you do not need a robux to play a game however robux can improve the roblox experience by unlocking new paid games new items and it can be used for microtransactions and most of the games found on roblox.

With the use of robux you can add different avatars to the account or you can buy special abilities and power on the roblux platform. Simply if you have more robux its means you are more advanced and more powerful on roblux platform.

One another misconception about the free robux. Remember if you search for the keyword how to get free robux on youtube or google you may find different content. But in reality, there is no such way through which you can get a single free robux.

This robux is only available on roblox company and you can get them after reaching the official website of roblox with different price rates (depends on the amount of robux you need). Scammers scam users by the name of robux generator and they always claim that you can get a free robux but you just need to ignore them for your safety.

This is the reality that you cannot generate free robux but can you gift robux? The answer is yes, if you are curious about how to give robux to friends scroll down. Where we discussed the more simple method which works for both phone and pc users.

After reaching this stage now you are familiar with the word robux. It is time to talk about the sending, gifting, or donating of robux to friends or family.

How to give robux to people?

By giving robux to people we mean how to give robux to a friend which may be the best gift for them. But this is not as easy as you think, there is no straightforward option through which you can share your robux with loved ones. But you do not need to worry about that because we will mention to you a method which will be useful in case of donating or sending robux.

To know one of the simplest way through which you can know the methods of how to give someone robux follow the below steps.

Send robux By using a group

  1. In the case of groups, you must be the owner of the group or you can create a new group by paying 100 robux.
  2. Once you have got your group you need to come to the store section.
  3. Click on the three dots which are at the left corner.
  4. Now click on configuration group
  5. Next hover over Revenue and click payouts
  6. Click on the one-time payout
  7. Here add your friend’s or family member’s username
  8. And click on ok
  9. Enter the amount you want to give them.
  10. Click on a distributive button.

Last note

Hope your confusion about how to send robux to a friend or how to donate robux is now clear. There are some other methods through which you can gift robux such as by selling a game pass but this method is only for PC users.

Most users search for how to give robux to friends on phone so the above mentioned method is the best way to share robux with friends because this method works on phones as well as pc.

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