How to Create a White Label Survey by SurveyKing

A White Label Survey service is the provision of services or products without citing the brand or the origin of the information transmitted. A company may wish to use an external white label service provider for several reasons. First of all, it allows him to focus on his activity by subcontracting know-how that is not part of his field of expertise. Calling on a service provider also saves time for companies that do not have to deal with the hassle of setting up and maintaining it.

White Label, How Does It Work?

The URL of the questionnaires will be neutral and without mention of SurveyKing. Your survey will integrate more naturally on your website, your blog or your various distribution platforms. When you use our email sending platform to distribute your survey by name, the sending address will also be neutral and without mention of SurveyKing.

What is the White Label Survey Solution?

With the white label solution, you can have the SurveyKing app renamed with your company logo and theme to personalize it. With your brand identity, personalize surveys to improve the brand experience for customers.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Setting up Your Agency’s White-Label Survey:-

SurveyKing had done their best to make our white label feature as easy and intuitive as possible. Once you set it up, expect smooth navigation for you and your customers with seamless collaboration and an efficient, optimized workflow.

1. Login:-

Go to your White Label page from the drop-down menu under your email address.

2. Set Up Your White Label Account under the “Settings” Tab:-

Your customers will access their content on a custom domain at [yourname] You can change the URL here, as well as upload a logo. You can also decide whether new submissions will automatically be visible to your clients as soon as writers submit them, or whether you want to review submissions first before allowing clients to see them.

3. Add your customers in the “Users” tab:-

You can choose which subscriptions each user has access to. Once a user has been added, they will receive an email with instructions to create a password and log in to view their submissions at the URL of your choice.

4. Manage Your Accounts In The “Customers” Tab:-

Here you can see a list of all your clients and view the users you’ve invited to each account, in addition to changing the display name they see when viewing submissions in the edit space. You can also quickly change whether customers can see the white-labeled platform. If you are still setting up your logo or want to work more with our writers before showing submissions to your client, you can disable their visibility.

5. Make Submissions Visible In The Edit Space:-

In your list of submissions, you will now see a White Label toggle for each submission. Once you toggle a submission to “visible”, your end customer will receive an email notification, notifying them that a part is ready to be examined.

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