How to obtain adequate compensation for damages after a road accident


In one year the victims of road accidents are very many, it is estimated a number of even two hundred thousand users.

Surely in the last two years, due to the pandemic and the various lockdowns, the figure has seen a significant decrease in cases.

Immediately after the closures, however, the figure rose from the pandemic period in which the restrictions were more severe.

In April 2021, at the first openings after the first lockdown, there was an increase in both road accidents, by two hundred and fifty percent, and in injuries, by four hundred and fifty percent.

The data is very high and therefore it becomes essential for everyone to know how to behave in the event of an accident or if you are a victim of an accident, in order to be more protected and obtain adequate compensation for damages.

So let’s see what steps to take to behave correctly and not lose compensation for the damages that await us, to follow the right bureaucratic steps despite the fact that maybe the moment can make us act a little bit impulse


When you are involved in an accident, normality means that the emotionality, the impulsiveness, and the instinctive reaction of the moment takes over.

This is absolutely not good, you have to stay calm and master fear in order to take the right actions to get the most financially for the damage suffered.

As soon as the accident has occurred, the first thing to do is to check that there is no serious damage that requires immediate assistance by ambulance.

Once you have checked the state of health and realized that there are no serious damages reported, as written above, you must immediately take a photo of the vehicles involved in the accident, in the precise position of how they were damaged.

It is important to take these photos well because when the dynamics of the accident are explained, with the photos you will understand the responsibilities of the drivers of each car involved.

Remember, therefore, not to move the car immediately to the side of the road, perhaps to free the traffic jam, but only after taking the photographs.

The third thing to do is to immediately check if there are eyewitnesses who have seen the accident and ask if they want to testify, if the answer is positive, ask for their name, surname, and tax code.

You can then proceed to fill in the friendly finding form, otherwise known as C.A.I.

This step is not mandatory but if you were to choose to do it, it would help a lot in the reconstruction but be careful because it must be filled in very scrupulously and correctly, in fact, across in the wrong box is enough and you can reverse the situation.

If you fill out the CAI form, the settlement by the damage insurance will be faster.

The friendly finding form must be signed by both parties involved in the accident and so it is assumed that the road accident has been verified, and checked and that both parties agree with the modalities and how it took place.

The police will then be called and will arrive at the scene of the accident and will make a report in which they will ascertain the dynamics and check if there are sanctions to be given, for example, financial fines and points to be deducted, in case the rules of the highway code, for example, a stop, a right of way or speeding.


In the event that there are injured people, both public and private treatments can be used which will then be reimbursed, if correctly reported with invoices and specific to the intervention and if appropriate to the damage reported in the accident.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases can occur, which are those that derive from medical error and medical responsibility, which cannot be immediate and cannot be quantified with an amount but depend on the individual himself, in fact in this case checks will be made to personam, we will also talk about moral damage, not just physical.

Therefore, to receive compensation from the road victims’ fund there are rules to follow and the whole process is governed by rules and laws.

The claim must be correctly described and reported and there must be as much data as possible regarding the injured party, i.e. age, what type of injuries occurred, the injured person’s income, and the injured person’s activity.

In the event that, after the accident, property damage is also found, it is necessary to specify, in addition to the dynamics and the witnesses, the time and day of the event.

As for the injured party, he can obtain compensation either from his own insurance company or from the insurance company of the other person involved.

The advice, therefore, is to present all the documentation to both insurance companies who will discuss and understand how to move.

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