English-speaking moving companies in South Korea

Moving from one country to another is a big step in anyone’s life. If you planned to move to South Korea and once you arrive, how are you going to transport all of these things to your new home? There are many moving companies available in South Korea. You can find a moving help center online or you can ask a local friend or your landlord, but it could be difficult to find the perfect one for you. In this article, we’ll be discussing some English-speaking moving companies in Korea and some of the best international moving companies you might need when you’re in the process of transporting your personal belongings to your new home.

Each company’s packaging and charging standards are different, so you should contact several companies directly to compare prices, and then choose the company with the right price. Tell the contact company what you need and what they should expect (e.g. whether to use the elevator car, including the number of bags, floors, location, size of the house, whether there is an elevator, whether lunch is also covered) and ask them if they agree with your offer so they can make quotations available for you. Some companies will even come to see the actual situation and make a more accurate quotation.

Move In Korea

Move In Korea(or MIK) has extensive experience in moving and delivering in different places in South Korea for foreign clients. Through their vast service network, they can deliver anywhere in South Korea anytime, anywhere. MIK will help you do things easier and faster. If you’re on a budget and if want to load the truck yourself, they’ll arrange a delivery truck for you. If you are planning to pre-pack your small items and have them move these pre-packed boxes, they can also arrange this for you. But if you want the full package, they can pack all your things up and move it for you.

English-speaking moving companies in South Korea

Optimoving Worldwide

Whether traveling by land, sea, or air, Optimoving Worldwide is a reliable partner for relocation services. They also offer door-to-door services. Optimoving Worldwide is a Korean moving company that handles both international and domestic moving, they even have pet moving services. They have a dedicated English website that caters to both private and corporate or organizational relocations. Optimoving Worldwide will accurately quote the possible costs and procedures prior to signing the agreement.

World Bridge Express Moving Service

World Bridge Express Moving Service has affiliated moving companies around Seoul and its suburbs, which seems like a good option if you’re an English-speaking person who is currently living in South Korea’s population. The company is committed to enriching social value at home and abroad. World Bridge Express Moving Services also offer English services to foreigners who are living in South Korea for the first time.

Ziptoss is a Korean real estate company that provides proper housing options for foreigners to choose from without having the stress of finding a home, negotiating. Ziptoss also gives tips and information on anything and everything about South Korea.

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