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Kitchens, due to the peculiarities of sanitary and hygienic norms, are equipped with stainless steel industrial sinks. This material due to its composition provides durability, reliability and practicality in operation. An alloy of nickel, chromium and titanium is used for the food industry, with the addition of other metals. The property of such stainless steel is to ensure cleanliness and safety when performing work. Food stainless steel visually looks more aesthetically pleasing than other metals, has a uniform color and a perfectly smooth surface resistant to various detergents and disinfectants.

No kitchen of a restaurant, bakery, confectionery or cafe can do without the purchase of such an important element as a stainless steel sink. Given the peculiarities of operation, such sinks should be corrosion-resistant, easy to disinfect, wash and have a convenient design. Stainless steel industrial sinks in a modern design can combine practicality and aesthetics stainless steel sink stainless steel sink  their rather versatile design fits into any interior. All equipment is easily arranged in a single style.

How to Choose Commercial Sinks? 

The organization of the kitchen space requires a precise calculation of ergonomics and aesthetics. If we talk about production, aesthetics are often inferior to practicality, but is it possible to combine them? Commercial sinks do not have disadvantages. Reliable manufacturers always pay great attention to the careful processing of seams and joints. By buying quality industrial sinks you contribute to the hygiene and order in your production. 

When choosing professional utility sinks, you should take into account in advance where and for what the sink will be used, it will depend on the type of design of the bowl, they are of two types:

  • Welded is a popular type of sink, where the bowl is welded from several separate elements of stainless steel sinks. Welding and stripping of seams are used at production that makes such bowls reliable from leaks. The popularity of this type of stainless steel sink is the ability to make a sink of any size and configuration (may contain several sections).
  • Stamped bowl all-metal sink made of a single sheet of food grade stainless steel under the action of the press. This type of utility sink is characterized by the lack of seams that ensure tightness. However, a significant disadvantage of such sinks is the limited choice in size and depth.

Sinks used in production must be strong, have stable legs that can be adjusted in height. Simplicity and convenience of a design provide easy installation and fastening of a sink. Manufacturers also often offer different models with sides, shelves and additional sections for inventory, there are also stainless steel sinks with sliding doors. At the request of customers, the mouth of the siphon sinks are equipped with recyclers shredders of food waste. 

These commercial sinks are not prone to corrosion, economical, simple and quite convenient. The dimensions of all production sinks meet the standards, which ensures the correct organization and optimization of the working space for staff. For greater flexibility in pricing policy, each manufacturer of stainless steel equipment and commercial sinks, timing sinks, use different design options.

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