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Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

The technology of cooking in a professional kitchen involves the use of a large amount of inventory and utensils, which must be kept clean and tidy. The model for use in pantries, washing, cold and hot shops is an open cantilever shelf for the kitchen. This design consists of one, two or more wall brackets-profiles and several shelves inserted into the perforations of the profiles. The most popular console stainless steel wall shelves among users are one-, two-, and three-level. Each standard stainless steel cantilever shelf comes with the appropriate number of wall brackets and a set of hardware.

A stainless steel wall mounted shelving is able to solve a variety of production tasks, saving space and improving the working conditions and efficiency of personnel at different stages of the technological process:

  • In the washrooms of a restaurant, cafe or bar, an open stainless steel wall-mounted dish rack is placed above the washbath and is used to dry plates, cutlery, glasses, cups and saucers.
  • For a catering unit, a hinged stainless steel kitchen shelf is indispensable for short-term storage of tableware and cutlery, kitchen utensils.
  • Stainless steel wall shelves in a semi-open design are convenient for short-term storage of semi-finished products before heat treatment or ready meals prepared for serving.

In accordance with the sanitation standard for catering, at all stages of production related to food processing, table or hanging shelves for the kitchen must be used to store cutting boards and knives. In this case, the inventory must be marked. To store the lids, a stainless steel hinged shelf of a special design is also usually used.

How to Care for Stainless Steel Wall Shelves?

Shelves are indispensable attributes of the professional kitchen of public catering establishments. They can have a different shape, size, purpose and design and mainly serve to expand the functional space in the room. A restaurant shelving stainless steel can be installed on tables, and sinks, or screwed to walls, it can have several modules and tiers. Such models are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and are designed specifically for professional kitchens in cafes, restaurants, canteens, pizzerias, pubs and other establis

Having a stainless steel wall shelves does not require special skills to care for and maintain surface cleanliness. The smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and resists damage by bacteria or other microorganisms. Metal alloys are not prone to absorb odors. Because they are operated in fairly harsh production conditions and must tolerate chemicals and some acids. 

Stainless steel restaurant shelving are not prone to corrosion, economical, simple and quite convenient. The dimensions of all production sinks meet the standards, which ensures the correct organization and optimization of the working space for staff. For greater flexibility in pricing policy, each manufacturer of stainless steel furniture, timing sinks, use different design options.

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