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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Make A Door Easier To Open

Have you ever struggled with opening a door? It could be an old, heavy door that requires all your strength to push open. Or it’s a sliding glass door always stuck on the track. Whatever the case, few things are more frustrating than struggling with a stubborn door. In this comprehensive guide, we will share an easy way to make any door easier to open. Whether you’re dealing with a home renovation project or want to improve the functionality of your doors at home, this post will help you get started in no time. So keep reading to learn how to make a door easier to open.

What to consider to make a door easier to open

To make a door easier to open, it’s important to consider the needs of individuals with disabilities by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Ensure enough clearance space around the door for wheelchair users and those with mobility aids. The ADA mandates a minimum of 32 inches of clear width for doorways, so measure accordingly. 

Additionally, installing lever-style handles instead of round doorknobs can greatly reduce the force required to turn and push open a door. Reducing force is helpful for individuals with limited hand strength or dexterity issues. 

Also, ensure that all hardware is positioned appropriately, typically between 34-48 inches from the floor. People using wheelchairs or other mobility devices can easily reach and operate without difficulty. By considering these factors and adhering to ADA guidelines, you can make your doors more accessible and user-friendly for everyone in your community.

Tips for easy door opening 

Ensuring the door is properly lubricated with oil or graphite powder will reduce friction and allow smoother operation. Moreover, you need to adjust the hinges so that they are aligned and tightened correctly and can also improve ease of use. 

Also, install a lever handle instead of a knob, which provides better leverage and requires less wrist strength to turn. Also, consider adding an automatic door opener or motion sensor for individuals who may have difficulty physically opening doors due to disabilities or injuries.

What Causes a Door to Be Hard to Open?

There are various reasons:

  • One reason is the deterioration of hinges over time. With consistent use, hinges eventually wear out and become stiff, making opening and closing doors smoothly challenging. 
  • Changes in temperature or humidity levels cause wood doors to expand or contract, resulting in misalignment between the door and its frame. 
  • Dirt buildup around the edges of doors or inside locks can lead to resistance when trying to turn handles or push/pull on them.
  • Faulty hardware, such as a poorly installed lockset, may also make doors harder.

How to Adjust a Door Hinge

To identify the problem by examining the hinge, looking for any loose screws or signs of wear and tear. Also, use the appropriate tool to adjust the hinge by tightening or loosening each screw until the door sits flush with its frame. It’s important to make small adjustments gradually rather than turning each screw all at once, which can cause damage. 

After making adjustments, test the door several times to ensure it opens and closes smoothly without any issues. Being patient and methodical, you can easily adjust a door hinge and save time and money on potentially expensive repairs.

How to Lubricate a Door Lock or Handle

Lubricating a door lock or handle is an essential maintenance task that ensures smooth and easy door opening. Here are the steps:

  • Identify the type of lubricant suitable for your specific lock mechanism: graphite powder, silicone spray, or white lithium grease. 
  • Also, clean the lock using a dry cloth to remove accumulated dust or debris. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the keyhole and inside the locking mechanism before inserting your key and turning it several times to distribute the product evenly. 
  • For handles, apply some lubricant on both sides, including screws and hinges, to ensure they function smoothly. 


We hope we guided you well on how to make a door easier to open. You can easily open the doors by following the tip in this post. You will also learn how to lubricate the doors in the right way.

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