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Are you seeking for best Rengoringafbil (car cleaning) services in Copenhagen? Then you came to the right place Steamgront is a carwash corporation which provides you with all kinds of cleanings of cars. We provide our carwash services in the whole of Zealand. Bilvaskkobenhavn (Carwash Copenhagen) is one of the departments of steamgront in Zealand. So stay with us and read our cleaning of car services. And make your car new and clean by ordering to clean it. Let’s begin!

Inside car cleaning 

Interior car washings steps include;

  • Window cleaning
  • Seat cleaning
  • Dashboard cleaning
  • Mats cleaning
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Scent to leather or new car
  • For removing bad odor wipe /finish with microfiber cloths on all surfaces

We clean these all Rengoringafbilindvendig (inside car cleaning). So if you want to want to clean your car completely from its inner part so connect with us.

Exterior Car wash

Steamgront washes your doors, tires, and the exterior body of the car with the stream. We wash your windows and mirrors with steam. And we polish the windows and mirrors. Exterior washing includes lamps and baseboard. We give finishing touch with wiping with a microfiber cloth on all surfaces.

Rabatordning (Discount Scheme)

Steamgront provides you with discount schemes. We esteem and offer the discount scheme to our loyal customers that used their Bilrens (cleaning for car) services week after week or month after month. So if you also want to enjoy the discounts schemes and want a great cleaning of your car, then give a chance to steamgront carwash. They provide you 20% discount on your first order. We also give 10% discount to those customers who clean their more cars at the same day from us. We give a 10% discount on each car.

Dognabent (24/7 open)

Steamgront provides you with 24/7 carwash services. No matter what time is, if you want to wash your car we are always there for you. Steamgront is always ready and prepared for giving services to you. If you need to wash a big vehicle or a small we will do it for you. For washing big vehicle need more steam and effort, we do all the things to give comfort to our customers. With the external part, they also provide you Rengoringafbilindvendig (inside car cleaning) service. Our car washing services are durable.

Environmental friendly

We provide you with environmentally friendly services. We give you the durable Bilrens (cleaning for car) services. We don’t use soap washing your cars. We use steam with high pressure. We wipe out bacteria, dust, germs, viruses, mud, dirt, strains. Steam cleans all the hooks, paintwork, windows, cabin, mats, and seats. After steaming we polish your car and it looks new. No chemicals we use to clean your car. We all give you a natural cleaning. So if you want to enjoy these wonderful services then contact us we will provide you the best services of carwash 24/7 to you.

HJemmevask (Home Washing)

IF you don’t know the location of the car washing station then don’t worry Steamgront will provide you home car wash service. They will drive to you and at your own place, they will clean your car. Their Bilrengoring (car cleaning) is really admirable. And you also don’t have to worry about the next wash, when you again call us we will provide you with the environmental stream washing car services to you. Steamgront means steam green.

Departments of Steamgront in Zealand

We provide our car washing services in the whole of Zealand. Our departments are as follow;

  • Copenhagen and surroundings
  • North Zealand Department
  • West Zealand Department
  • South Zealand Department

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