A Consumer’s Guide to Car Shipping in Georgia

Georgia offers an intriguing blend of rustic Southern hospitality and hipster urban sprawl. Atlanta stands as an exemplary city in this regard; though boasting stunning skylines and professional resources, locals still take great pride in providing attentive, one-on-one service.

When shipping a car between Georgia and another state, several factors need to be taken into account, including cost, distance, pickup and delivery dates and insurance and safety concerns. In this article we’ll address those key considerations in more depth.


Georgia car shipping costs can depend on a variety of factors, from the vehicle being shipped and its destination to the transport method chosen. Door-to-door transport may cost more than other methods as it requires carriers to travel further out of their way for pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Selecting open or enclosed transport will also have an effect on cost. Enclosed shipping typically costs more, but provides greater peace of mind for delicate or valuable vehicles. When choosing an auto shipping company, make sure they offer both options so that you can find one that meets both your needs and budget.

As soon as your car lands in Georgia, take time to inspect it carefully for signs of new damage or missing accessories. Furthermore, it is crucial that all necessary paperwork for auto transport in Georgia be filled out completely. Hurrying through this step may result in complications in the transport process.


Georgia is a sprawling state and the distance your vehicle must travel is an important factor in its cost of shipping.

When shipping luxury or classic cars which require special handling for transporting, their costs can increase substantially, especially with regard to classic or luxury models which need special care during transport and can often cost more than standard sedans or sports cars; some brokers even provide white glove secure auto shipping services at additional fees for such cars.

Your car shipping quote depends on several other variables besides distance alone. These factors include the day and month you wish to transport your vehicle, the type of car being shipped, as well as scheduling flexibility and pricing factors like diesel fuel price fluctuations.

Save money when shipping your Georgia car by booking it months in advance and working with a broker who has access to multiple clients with similar needs and schedules as you. This allows them to find the best deals on carrier services. They are then able to pass the savings on to you.

You should be aware that car shipping companies are separate entities from brokers. You can visit this site to learn about the difference between these two types of businesses.

Pickup and Delivery Dates

Georgia car shipping companies provide an array of options to meet your unique transportation requirements, from roll on/roll off and container shipping, as well as open carriers or enclosed transport. Open carriers tend to be the more economical solution, but it may not be right for every vehicle.

Most shipping companies can provide fast and accurate quotes with their online shipping calculators.

When choosing the carrier to transport your car, select an established carrier with plenty of experience. Check reviews online and customer feedback. Sites like offer independent reviews of businesses that you can use in your search.

Once your vehicle is on its way, track its progress through a live tracking system; upon arrival at its destination, its driver will conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection to document any new damage.


Nearly every state requires drivers to carry minimum amounts of car insurance in order to drive legally; Georgia specifically mandates liability coverage of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. However, these minimum limits often do not provide enough coverage in an accident situation, which is why it is wiser to locate a company offering additional supplementary policies in addition to required minimums.

Consumers can verify a company’s insurance coverage by checking with the US Department of Transportation. If you are unable to find information on your chosen company, that means they are not registered and you should look elsewhere.

Choose a company with experience and an impressive track record, offering various transport solutions that accommodate your schedule and shipment tracking. A quality auto shipper won’t ask for deposits or hidden fees upfront and provide you with an accurate quote.


Car transport companies must adhere to certain rules and regulations in order to keep cars secure in transit, such as installing electronic logging devices to monitor driver fatigue and requiring video cameras in their carrier trucks.

Before shipping a car, all personal items should be removed to allow auto transporters to perform an accurate inspection and document any damages. This will also decrease your vehicle’s weight, which means it will get you the most cost-effective transport service.

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