Big Five Personality Test – Measure Your Main Personality Traits Accurately

The Big Five personality theory is the foundation for The Bridge Personality. The Bridge Personality is a world-class personality questionnaire that aids companies in recruiting, selecting, and developing the best personnel. The Big Five personality traits get scores with this free personality test.

It has been proved in studies that this test accurately predicts behavior. People with the best conscientiousness scores typically work more as nervous personalities are more susceptible to worry and despair.

Give this article a careful read to know more about this test!

Importance Of The Big Five Personality Test

The Big Five Personality Test depends on the idea that personality is composed of five traits. These are known as the Big Five or the five personality factors. The Bridge Personality Test is an accurate and valid tool for determining a person’s Big Five personality traits.

The Big Five measures behavior by evaluating five personality qualities on a continuous scale. These traits are:

  • Openness to experience  
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism

Due to the great significance of this test:

  • Every day, 5,000 candidates use it.
  • Annually, there are 250,000 participants from all around the world.
  • Our clients suggest us 92% of the time.
  • Online tests are in 20 different languages.

Attributes Of This Personality Test Are:

The Bridge Personality is a highly credible and accurate personality test for determining the personality and skills of your eligible employees. Some of its features are:

  • It depends on the Big Five.
  • Valid and trustworthy; based on scientific evidence.
  • To be used in conjunction with a custom report: you can choose the skills you want to learn.
  • Verify to see if your participant was truthful throughout the process.
  • Benelux’s most used personality test.

Why Should One Conduct The Big Five Personality Test?

A professional Big Five personality test can be beneficial in determining how to build a successful career. This test is the most widely used personality assessment for employee selection and development. 

In addition, if a candidate tries to lead the test or respond to questions in a socially acceptable manner, the Bridge Personality uses an algorithm that changes the questions. Moreover, on the price page, you’ll find all of the prices for the tests and online assessments.

Some facts about this professional test are:

  • Rates start at €89.
  • This test is based on the 16 Jung Types and the Big Five.
  • It is available in 20 different languages.
  • Used for employee selection and development.
  • There is no requirement for training courses.
  • There are no waiting times: Make an appointment to have your candidate tested right now.

Test Your Candidate In 04 Simple Steps

Follows these four easy steps by which you can test your participant: 

  • Choose & Order your Online Assessment:

From our page, you may choose a test or an online assessment. After selecting, you can place the order for the test.

  • Test of the Candidate:

Within 30 minutes, your candidate can begin the test or online assessment.

  • Instant Report:

The report is immediately available after it is completed.

  • Expert Assistance:

A specialist can assist you with the report if needed as a free service.

Wrapping Up:

In the end, we can say that sometimes, you are seeking an effective personality test that prohibits your candidates from lying about their responses. You’re looking for a personality test that can be utilized for recruiting, training, and increasing sales performance. You should check at Bridge Personality, a world-class psychological assessment tool that helps companies find, hire, and develop the best people. To know more about it, click below!


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