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Bidet is an efficient toilet instrument for cleaning waste

A bidet is a type of bowl-shaped toilet which is used to wash your poop anus and other personal excretion parts after excreting waste material. Bidet is used in almost every European and American country. But it is very less used in Asian and African countries. They are also known as English toilets.

The bidet was first invented by the French in about 15 to 17 centuries. It was requested by the royal queen of France. It was first available in the royal queen’s washroom. But the inventor of the bidet is not known by anyone. As to who created it and who invented it is it still out of question?

Bidet is used for cleaning waste as now a day everyone is very sensitive to dirty things. They also have very little time which is why they use a bidet to fastly clean their anus and poop in the toilet. The bidet was first made of wood but nowadays the modern bidet is made of porcelain. It is placed near the toilet and is used also used you wash your backside.

Bidets are of two types the hand manual bidet and the automatic bidet. The modern hand manual bidet has a shower-like shape which is attached near your toilet. This bidet is either used to wash your backside after you wipe you’re but. Most people used it without wiping it but it is a very great source of washing your waste and cleaning it very tightly.

The automatic bidet is installed inside the toilet. It has two parts the shower which is below the list of the toilet and the button part which is beside the toilet and is pressed when you are done pooping or excreting your waste. I recommend you the automatic bidet. As this type of bidet is the best bidet.

Bidet converter kit

Bidet converter kit is the full kit of the bidet. This bidet converter kit has everything that you need to install or use the bidet. This bidet converter kit also contains a manual on how to install the bidet or how use the bidet. bidet converter kit can be installed either by removing the seat this type of bidet converter kit is called an attachment bidet conversion kit.

The bidet conversion kit can also be installed without removing the seat. You just have to buy and install another seat on the seat of the toilet. The seat can either be an electric seat or a non-electric seat. The idet converter kit with an electric seat is called an electric seat bidet while the bidet converter kit with a non-electric seat is called a non-electric seat bidet. The best bidet converter kit is the bidet convertor kit with an electric seat. Because it contains the best bidet toilet seat.

The best bidet attachment is the OMIEGO ATTACHMENT. This attachment is very easy to use and costs about 20 to 30 dollars. Aside from this, there is also the brondell luxury attachment and the rinse works aqueous 360 attachment which is also very best for you .they are more expensive than the OMEIGO and cost 50 to 70 dollars.

But if you are going for a cheap attachment then you should probably go for the OMEIGO attachment. But if you have some money and want to buy an expensive and luxurious attachment for your bidet then you should probably buy the aqueous 360 attachment.

A bidet with all the attachments and everything on amazon cost about from 100 dollars to 500 dollars. The bidet is in various varieties of prices on amazon and many different websites. The toto washlet c5 is 400 to 500 dollars on amazon home depot and Walmart. This bidet washlet is a very balanced type of bidet because it can be used by 5 to 6 people in a house. The price of this bidet is also very balanced the use of this bidet is very easy.

This bidet has very excellent reviews by the people. The people in their reviews say that this one is the great best and excellent bidet. And I can say that you will have a very relaxing and best experience with this bidet. This bedit has all the characters and features a bidet that you would dream of having. This bidet also has a controller or remote that allows you to disable or enable its feature according to your need.

The toto c2 bidet is an inferior form of the toto c5 bidet this bidet is cheap and is at a low price of about 350 to 400 dollars on amazon Walmart and home depot. The change between the toto c5 bidet is that it has no remote or controller for you to use freely. But it still has the control panel that is attached to the side of the seat.

As we want to compare the differences between these two c5 and c2 bidets the main difference is the availability of a remote or a controller. And the second difference is the exception of a two water temperature option of the control panel of the bidet.

This bidet is inferior to the c5 but still is great for you even though it doesn’t have a remote. You can still use the control panel. Ne you get used to the control panel you won’t have to see the temperature of the water every time or see the on and off button every time as your body gets used to the feel of the control panel due to daily use of it.

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