All you need to know about car mechanic Insurance

Ever thought how amazing it’d be that while buying a car, you also get the insurance that can take care of every time repair? Well, all your car mechanic and repair requisites are made possible with car mechanic insurance. An insurance you claim just to get your car repaired and free of accident marks etc., the car mechanic insurance takes charge for all the internal or external repairs your car requires during its shelf life. Buying a car is a huge investment and maintaining one is another speculation. Car mechanic insurance becomes one’s best bet when they want an overall mechanical repair of their automobiles.

What is Car Mechanic Insurance?

When you hear car mechanic insurance it sounds similar to the lines of a car warranty. But it’s distinctly apart. A car mechanic insurance is a claim you can make to cover the cost of repair for all internal and external mechanic requisites. This involves procurement of new car parts and replacing the old ones in case of an accident or automobile breakdown. It helps you cut down on the money you give from your pocket. It is cheaper and more protective than a car warranty.

Now you might be wondering that you already claim car insurance that ensures your vehicle reimbursement during an accident or breakdown, so why invest in another insurance? Usually, the car insurance we claim when we purchase the automobile is not specifically made for repairing work, it becomes a reimbursement to whatever is destroyed or broken down, which in many cases might not suffice. While a car mechanic’s insurance ensures that the car gets restored back to a better state. It also helps in the replacement of worn-off parts, all with minimal costs to you personally. It also methods that you get the terrific service and insurance knowledge that you already know and agree with, on the pinnacle of inexpensive coverage. This extra protection could make Car mechanic insurance a better deal than your usual car warranty.

Pros of getting a car mechanic insurance

When it comes to buying any insurance you always consider making an advantage and disadvantage list. As mentioned earlier too, getting a car is a huge investment in itself. Buying insurance just to get the repairments done, which is an integral bit in maintenance, might need a little convincing to your pocket. So here are a few advantages of the car mechanic insurance you can assure yourself with –

  1. Advanced than your regular car insurance

A car mechanic’s insurance is more advanced in nature than your regular car insurance. The latter is used for reimbursing the damages caused by an accident or during a breakdown. But the cases in regular car insurance are subjective. For example, if your automobile was in a car crash or big collision it gets reimbursed, but not if it has collided and has specific part damage. That is where your car mechanic insurance chips in. You might also feel that its sounds like extended warranty coverage, well there’s a huge distinction with that too. How? Let’s find out in the second point. Read more about wrong fuel rescue.

  1. More than just an extended warranty

A car mechanic’s insurance is way more than just an extended warranty coverage. Once your warranty period is over you need to re-purchase the car warranty, which becomes expensive, since you have to pay the entire warranty amount again. A car mechanic’s insurance saves you money by imposing only a minimal premium per every policy period. It is also not subjective when it comes to the repair and replacement of worn-off parts, unlike a car warranty.

  1. Minimal cost owned

The most encouraging thing about car mechanic insurance is that it is cheap and takes lesser amounts from your pocket. The majority of your repairs and replacements get done under the insurance and you have to spend almost no or a small amount of monetary expense.

  1. Objective repairs

Car mechanic insurance is objective in nature which means it does not restricts itself to paying for a certain part of the car. It includes everything ranging from engine, and drivetrain to even electrical components,, etc. For instance, if you own a BMW, the car mechanic insurance can help cover the cost of genuine BMW parts during repairs, ensuring optimal performance and quality. Meanwhile, it is also evident that car mechanic insurance does not cover commodities like body repair, broken lights, windows, and interior fixes. These all come under the minimal fixes you need to get done with your own money.

Facts about Car mechanic insurance

Here are some quick facts you might need to know about car mechanic insurance

  • A car mechanic insurance is also called Mechanical breakdown insurance(MBI) or a car repair insurance
  • Car mechanic insurance can be availed by new or leased cars which are 15 months older. However, once you purchase this kind of investment you can get it renewed for seven years straight.
  • This insurance is cheaper than a car warranty and provides more protection and services.
  • It covers almost every repair part but a few. However, you need not pay a large lump-sum amount for getting everything fixed and renewed.
  • It is not important that while claiming a car mechanic insurance you need to locate where you will get your car fixed. You can get the work done anywhere you wish to.
  • The insurance provides precise and effective coverage for all your mechanical repair and replacement needs.
  • To make sure that you’re able to avail everything that you demand at your preferred price, it is advisable to read the fine print of the terms and conditions that every insurance company attaches to the legal documents. They often feel overlooked but remember they are the ones that help you calm down at the time you need the most.
  • Small dents and scratches do not get covered in the car, by mechanic insurance. It is customizable but partial when it comes to repairing and replacement of parts other than the mechanical structures.


When it comes to purchasing a car mechanic insurance you need to be sure of certain parameters like attending to the quotes, reading the finely printed terms carefully, being careful of not paying upfront, and only paying after considering all the pros and cons. You can either visit an insurance company or purchase insurance online for purchasing car mechanic insurance.

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