Why Alienware Aurora 2019 Considered The Powerful Desktop For Gaming

Are you in the search of the alienware aurora 2019 you find the right place. This article provides full information about the popular company alienware aurora 2019. Keep reading and know why to choose alienware aurora.

When it comes to gaming many desktops become fail to run heavy games. To solve this problem and run every type of heavy game in a smoother way alienware aurora 2019 come into existence. To know the factors why the alien aurora brand is a better choice for gaming, scroll down.

History Of Alienware Aurora

alienware aurora

Back in 1996, Alienware aurora company was first time established by two childhood friends Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila. Apart from the Alienware desktop, you can also find notebooks and workstations. But this brand is especially known for its gaming pcs.

From the very beginning, this company are in search to deliver high-performance gaming system. With the performance, alienware aurora desktops are also famous for their unique designs.

In 2004 they introduced the alienware aurora ALX desktop series. Which had a unique liquid cooling compartment where it had a LED reporting the CPU temperature to customers.

In 2012 they introduced the X51 and this was the small desktop from alienware aurora. You could flip it on its side so it can fit in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

In 2014 Alienware aurora launched the epic industrial design language which is the iconic triangular chassis today known as AREA51.

In 2019 they introduced the new alienware aurora 2019. This new lienware aurora 2019 came with new features and updates and the special was its new best-looking design with improving airflow. This feature of the system improves the airflow of the system reducing CPU temperatures thereby improving overall performance. The design of the ware aurora 2019 looks like a jet engine very powerful. The tallest entrance is also one of the best features of ware aurora 2019 which has a great efficient very thoughtful design.

Alienware Aurora Focus On

The main target of alien ware aurora company is to provide gaming desktops with unique designs and powerful features.

If we compare the alienware aurora desktops of 1996 and now enware aurora 2019 you can easily observe the difference in their design as well as internal components. The current design of are aurora 2019 gain lots of positive reviews from customers.

The most beautiful part of the design is the LED lights. The color of the LED lights can be changed and controlled. You can select the color of the LED according to your room or studio environment.

For gaming desktops, it is also important to cool the internal component as the temperature of the internal component rises when you play heavy games for a long time. Keeping this problem in mind alienware aurora 2019 made their pcs in unique designs and provided the airflow. Which helps to keep reduce the temperature of the system and ran games more smoothly.

Alienware Aurora always tries to deliver high-performance gaming systems and finds ways to give gamers more performance out of their systems and a unique way to help them express themselves. That is the reason that gamers who use the Alienware Aurora desktops for gaming are happy and they gain the best experience during playing the game. If you’re wondering what LED driver do I need to buy, check out this guide for more information.

Excellent Components Of Alienware Aurora Brand

There are several brands and pcs but why alienware aurora, why do professional gamers use alienware aurora pcs for playing the games? All these questions have one simple answer and that is the alienware aurora has strong and powerful components.

Graphic power

You may heard the word graphic card from many gamers. Gamers always try to find pcs that contain powerful and high-quality graphics. Before going to discuss the Alienware aurora graphic power first let’s talk about why this graphic power or graphic card is essential.

When new battlefield games come out gamers talk about immediately the graphics. Video cards or GPUs are electronic circuits that accelerate the videos, images, and most importantly animation. Graphic cards also perform math calculation in a very fast way and because of this feature CPU become free to perform and involve in solving other tasks.

In simple words, the graphics processing unit (GPU) sometimes becomes more essential than the CPU. It becomes true when you play heavy games on daily basis or you become a professional gamer.

Alienware aurora 2019 uses the high-performance graphic card by the name of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. This graphic card is well designed and can run all kinds of heavy games.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

With low RAM or short-term memory, you may run the videos but gaming especially battleground games need a high RAM.

High RAM runs the game smoothly and it loads it completely. All the required information of the heavy game can easily store by the high RAM.

If we talk about the Alienware desktops, they use the high and best quality RAM. Most of the Alienware series use 16 GB and 32 GB RAM. 16 or 32 figures come in the category of high RAM and this will give you the best experience ever as you will never be disappointed by the game loading or game running speed.


The processor or CPU is the component that provides instruction to the computer to perform different tasks in a better way. So a better and high-quality processor will make you happy as it will instruct a pcs in the best possible way.

Keeping this thing in mind ienware aurora 2019 used a high-quality processor in the gaming pcs. You can find the CPU model of intel core i7, ryzen 9, and AMD ryzen 7.

Mouse and keyboard of alienware aurora

alienware aurora

Powerful and heavy graphic games need a special and fastest mouse and keyboard. For this, alienware aurora PCs come with a special game mouse and keyboard.

The difference between the Alienware aurora keyboard AW510K and the ordinary one is its additional function. An Alienware aurora keyboard comes with additional programmable keys, controlling volume buttons, and RGB background light.

Apart from the keyboard, the mouse of the alienware aurora AW610M is also famous for its design and shape. The pros of this mouse are that it works in dual mode. You can use it with and without wire. The mouse of Alienware also contains 7 additional programming buttons which made this mouse unique.

Latest Gaming Desktop Of Alienware Aurora

The most recent and up-to-date gaming pc of alienware aurora is R13. This gaming pc is unique in style and power. The powerful component of these pcs are given below.

Alienware aurora has a CPU model of Intel Core i9-12900KF. This core i9 CPU is very powerful and can run your most up-to-date game in the best way. Similarly, the GPU or graphic card used in alienware aurora R 13 series is RTX 3090. This graphic card is more powerful and can deliver 8k gaming performance. So if you have an intention towards the 8k resolution try the R13 series of alienware aurora.

The RAM or short-term memory of the R13 series is 128 GB DDR5. This 128 GB RAM can easily load battleground games or other heavy graphic games. Similarly, the ROM permanent storage of R13 is 2TB NVMe Gen 4 + 2TB HDD. The specification mentioned above of R13 is its maximum ability. You can also find this latest model of gaming pcs in 16GB RAM, intel core i7 CPU model, 1TB SSD, and 1 TB HHD.

Should Alienware Aurora Be Your Choice?

All professional gamers use the Alienware brand for gaming because of its powerful features. So if you are interested in the world of gaming you can buy nware aurora 2019. 

But in case you rarely play the games and do not play the high graphic games you can play it with normal pcs and do not need such a powerful engine like alienware aurora 2019.

The Alienware aurora gaming pcs is more expensive than the others pcs. This is because Alienware is best known for gaming and that’s why pcs of alienware are more unique, smart, powerful, and the best design ever. The internal components of the alienware as you can see above we mentioned are more powerful than ordinary gaming desktops.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Do the keyboard and mouse come by default with alienware aurora?

Yes, alienware aurora provides the gaming keyboard as well as a mouse by default.

  • Can I use the alienware aurora keyboard and mouse for general use?

Yes, this keyboard and mouse can be used in both cases for general use as well as for playing games.

  • Why does Alienware aurora desktops more expensive?

Because of the powerful component used in the gaming pcs of alienware aurora, the price of the alienware aurora 2019 is expensive as compared to other gaming desktops.

  • Can I find an Alienware gaming laptop?

For laptop lovers, Alienware has powerful laptops through which you can play high-graphic games without facing any problems.

  • Low requirement of RAM for games?

To play advanced and effective games you should have at least 8 GB of RAM. RAM less than 8 GB will create difficulties during playing the game.

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