Pacman 30th anniversary: A complete guide

Pacman has decided to celebrate google doodle Pacman 30th anniversary. Pacman is a famous and popular game by the Japanese company Namco. Toru iwatani was the man who first time introduced this game in 1980.

Some of the crazy facts about Pacman

The beauty of the Pacman game is that it is simple and easy to play. Pacman is the maze design game in which you will be in search of eating the dots. There are 4 ghosts or you can say enemy for the Pacman and all your goal is to eat all the dots without coming into a trap with these ghosts.

There are some big dots in size. After eating the big dots your enemy (ghosts) will be cool. By touching any ghost it will go to its starting position. This will boost your time and chance to win the game quickly.

Any stage has multiple lives you can eat all the dots in several chances. There are 3 chances for eating the dots, if you cannot finish the dots in the given lifetime you will be considered fail and the stages will be considered incomplete.

The name of the 4 ghosts is inky, pinky, blinky, and Clyde. After playing some of the stages you will become to understand that all these 4 ghosts have different attack strategies.

Different strategies of the ghosts

Each ghost has its attack style so be careful about it. After knowing the strategy style of your enemy (ghosts) you will be able to eat all the dots easily and win the game.

The red color ghost is known as Blinky (people also know it by the nickname shadow). As the name suggests these ghosts always follow Pacman. The speed of the blinky depends on the amount of dots you eat.

The pink color ghost is known as pinky. Pinky’s attack strategy is to find the displacement (shortest direction) instead of directly following the Pacman.

The light blue color ghost is known as inky. Users always want to keep away from this ghost because it has a mixture of all the strategies that other ghosts have. So among all of them, inky is one of the most dangerous ghosts ever.

The orange color ghost is known as Clyde. Clyde is also known by the name of the pokey (nickname). The strong attack part of Clyde is the lower left part of the maze. So be careful in this area.

Want to play…

Now here is the question do you want to play this game? If yes you can easily play by searching Pacman 30th anniversary game. Users also search for the Pacman 30th anniversary full screen. 

Apart from this you can also download and install the PacMan game. There are other Pacman-related games you can download also…

Pac man for Windows 10, deluxe Pacman, Pacman classic, Pac Man, Pacman extension, Pacman for the dashboard, and many more. You can find this game with their review and rank.

The game you play on google Pacman 30th anniversary is just a sample for the users. This google Pacman doodle attracts more new users and at the end of the day compels them to join the family of Pacman by downloading it permanently. The interesting fact about this game is that you will face lots of obstacles which make you active to eat all the dots and run from the ghosts.

No matter whether you play doodle Pacman 30th anniversary on mobile or on desktop it has the same method. Just search in for Pacman anniversary 30th you will find the sample of the game. The main difference between the desktop and mobile features is the motion of PacMan. You can control or move the Pacman through arrow keys on the desktop while in the case of a mobile phone you can use the swipe gesture mode.

Ms. Pacman 

The good news for the lover of Pac-man 30th anniversary is that they can play the game by using their keyboard arrows or by using the joystick (flight stick). Ms. Pacman was first time available in the market in 1982 published by midway.

Now Pacman reached 40+ years, at first most people played this game with the help of the joystick. This is not the only one but lots of other games were played with a joystick in the 80s. Nowadays smartphones are the best choices for gaming as it is portable, slim, and light weighted.

Beauty of Pacman 

The Toru iwatani conveyed his concept of peace. He created such a game where you cannot find any type of violence or unethical behavior. This game does not include guns (firing etc). His game is simply based on peaceful and entertaining ideas. Because of this simplicity, this game got lots of milestones and is an all-time favorite for users, and this is the best-selling, and highest-grossing video game in history. Approximately 48 million copy has been sold across different platforms. The game is very light you do not need any special device (high ram and rom) to play.


What is the release date of Pacman?

The first releasing date of Pacman was 22 May 1980.

In which year did Pacman was celebrated its 30th anniversary?  

As Pacman was first released in the 1980s so according to it, its 30th birthday was celebrated on 21 May 2010. So in 2010 on Pacman 30th anniversary Pacman celebrate his birthday in new torn and it was the pac man doodle google. 

Are you still able to play the game through pac man doodle?

Yes, 2010 was not the only year for celebrating Pacman. For users, the offer is still available, without downloading the Pacman you can play it by searching Pacman doodle. 

Name the person who makes a high score in Pac-Man.

William James Mitchell Jr. is a man who claim a high score in 1999. The figure was 3333360 points on the arcade game.

What are the genders of ghosts?

Among all the ghosts pinky is the only female ghost. The other 3 (inky, blinky, and Clyde) are male.

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