6 Bike Hitch Rack

If you are very crazy for bikes and you love to ride bikes, but there is always one problem that where to store the bikes. If you have a trip plan with your friends and you all are going there for bike riding and you all do so much efforts for transporting bikes from one place to another. But now you don’t need to worry anymore. Because every problem has a solution and the solution of your bikes mounting and transporting is bike rack. If you want to know the best and a big bike rack which you can use for mounting 6 bikes at the same time. If you interested in bikes then you should also know about the new accessories of bikes. Stay with me and know the quality and best bike Rack Company. In this blog you will know about the product of VelociRax 6 bike hitch rack. Let’s get started!

Bike Rack

Bike rack is a bike mounting accessory. By using it you can mobile your bicycles from one place to another. The other use of bike rack is that you can mount it with a free wall at home and then you can mount your bikes on it if you have storage problem. If you have only 1 bike then you can buy a small rack which can hold one bike and if you have collection of bikes or you and your friends store bikes at one place then you will have to buy a big bike rack which can hold up 5 or 6 bikes.

VelociRax Bike Racks

VelociRax is a bike racks providing company which provides you the best bike racks. A competition is always in market and no one knows which product is durable or not. The VelociRax is proffering you the 2 years warranty. If in first guaranteed years their products have any defect then you can return them the product. There all bike racks are made of steel. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear, scratches, accidents, misuse and overloading.

6 Bike Hitch Rack

If you have 6 bikes and you don’t have space for storing them and this thing is creating worry for you then don’t worry VelociRax 6 bike hitch rack is the best solution for you. If you have bikes shop then you definitely need this bike accessory. You can mount this rack in wall and mount 6 bikes at a time. If you and your friends are planning for going to a place where you can ride your bikes freely then just purchase this best rack and mount it with your vehicle back and then mount your bikes with it and you can easily mobile your bikes from one place to another.

VelociRax includes:

  • This rack is made of steel and this rack can hold 6 bikes.
  • It has safety belts which protects your bikes from defects during travelling.
  • 10”, 10”, 12”, 10”, 10” spacing between bikes
  • This is a hitch mounted vertical bike rack which can hold 6 bikes.
  • It has hinge assist damper fro fully loaded hinging
  • It is a garage mounting kit
  • This bike rack proffer you integrated anti-rattle locking mechanism
  • It also has VelociRax tire straps for your bikes’ safety
  • ½ inches keyed hitch lock is available in 6 VelociRax bike rack.
  • You will all needed hardware which is necessary
  • It also provides you assembly and use instruction.

If you want to buy 6 bike hitch rack then must follow the instruction which is provided by the company. If you will follow the provided instruction then you can use it very efficiently. But if you load weight more than its capacity then it bike rack will not provide you the best performance. If you want to buy then visit and select which vertical bike rack you want. It provided you number one quality bike racks.

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