Why Should You Use Natural Mosquito Control Repellents?

The presence of mosquitos in your home can be annoying. Besides interfering with your sleep, mosquito bites can spread disease. According to the statistics, mosquitos have caused millions of deaths globally. This tells you that it’s time to kick mosquitos out of your home. Using natural repellants is one of the best ways to keep mosquitos from your home. Here are the key benefits of using natural mosquito control repellants to keep mosquitos at bay.

Chemical Free

Natural mosquito repellants don’t have any harmful substances. Unlike their conventional counterparts, natural repellants come with no smell. According to experts, artificial repellants contain up to 23.8 percent of DEET. DEET is linked to skin metalogical conditions.

Also, these conventional repellants contain Cyfluthrin, a chemical that can damage your neurological system. This can alter the muscle coordination in the body, and affect strength and movement. That’s why you should always think about bringing in natural mosquito repellants

Doesn’t Affect Skin

Skin irritation can be annoying. According to research findings, artificial mosquito repellants are made from chemicals that can irritate the skin. On the other hand, natural mosquito repellants are made from plants such as nepeta and eucalyptus.

These plants are highly safe. Research shows that these plants are effective in preventing rashes, redness, as well as itchiness. Thus, if you want healthy skin, think about natural mosquito repellant. Get your repellant from brands that use natural plants when manufacturing their repellants.

Safe For Kids

In small quantities, DEET doesn’t pose significant effects on kids, However, research has shown that large quantities of DEET can harm your kids. That’s why you should avoid purchasing conventional mosquito repellants. Using them is like exposing your kids to large DEET quantities, which can harm them.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should be protected from harmful chemicals. Chemicals such as Cyfluthrin can alter the glucose levels in pregnant women and reduce their red blood cells. This can have adverse damage to their livers

Besides complications, these chemicals can affect the unborn child. In a nutshell, artificial repellants aren’t good for pregnant women. The good news is that natural repellants don’t contain these chemicals, making them safe for any pregnant woman. Highly Effective

According to studies, natural repellants are as effective as their chemical-based counterparts. In most cases, they can outperform their chemical-based counterparts. Thus, if you want an effective mosquito repellant, choose natural ones.

Soothing Aroma

Natural mosquito repellants come with pleasant aromas. This aroma is natural, giving your home a refreshing feel. These aromas can relieve stress, calm the body, and turn your home into an exciting space. Thus, besides keeping mosquitos out of your home, these repellants can benefit your home in many ways.

How To Choose the Right Mosquito Repellent

There are several mosquito repellant options on the market. Thus, selecting the right one can be challenging. Luckily, the following tips and tricks should help you select the right mosquito repellant.


One of the most important factors you should check is the quality.  This includes going through the ingredients used to make that product. Check the concentration of each ingredient. Avoid DEET-rich repellants. Get your repellant with the best brands on the market.


As stated before, a natural mosquito repellant should be safe. It shouldn’t affect the kids, pregnant women, and the skin. Thus, check the safety of your product. A patch test can reveal the safety of that repellant.

Just apply a small amount of the repellant to your skin. Wait for a few seconds or minutes. If it irritates the skin, don’t buy it.


If you are suffering from any skin condition, it’s important to conduct your research first. Research about the ingredient of that repellant. Research about kid-friendly mosquito repellants. Consider consulting with your dermatologist before making your final decision.

Your Needs

Understand your unique needs before selecting a mosquito repellant. For instance, if you don’t love highly concentrated products, don’t choose a concentrated mosquito repellant. Also, it’s important to note that most natural repellants require frequent applications. That’s why you should choose light and easy-to-carry products.

Natural Ways of Repelling Mosquitos

Besides using natural mosquito repellants, you can also employ different strategies to keep mosquitos from your home. Here are a few things you can do to minimize mosquitos in your home.


Consider growing mosquito repellant plants. Research first and determine these plants. Remember, certain mosquito repellant-based pants may come with highly poisonous leaves or berries. For that reason, don’t grow them at home, especially if you have children and pets.

If you find the right pants, grow them in pots. They will act like decor while keeping mosquitoes away from your home. Choose plants with flowers that complement the décor of your home. Place the plants strategically so that they don’t affect the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Herbs such as lemongrass and lavender are good at repelling mosquitos. You can also try thyme. The good thing with these herbs is that they can be used for cooking and keeping the mosquitos away from your home.


Mosquito repellant-infused candles are powerful at dealing with mosquitos. Research well and find the right candle. If you have many rooms, get more candles. There are several candle-making brands online. Conduct your research. Be sure to purchase mosquito-repelling candles.


You can also try natural mosquito repellant-based recipes to eliminate mosquitos from your home.  Certain foods can repel mosquitos. For instance, you can cook your food using rubbing alcohol, clove, and baby oil to repel the mosquitos. Also, a scent that comes from a recipe that involves essential oils can drive mosquitoes away.

The Bottom-Line

Expel mosquitos from your home using natural repellants. Chemical-free, these repellants are safe for kids. Unlike other repellants, these repellants don’t react with the skin. Additionally, they don’t affect pregnant women. So, if you are looking for the most effective way to keep mosquitos from your home, think natural repellants. The above are key benefits of using natural repellants to lock mosquitos out of your home. 

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