What is Food Grade Valves?

Any valve produced from a material that may be safely in touch with substances intended for human consumption is considered a food grade grade valves are used in supply system that conveys intake food material used in food preparation. Food valves can provide the clear flow characteristic that hygienic supply system does, including those used in food processing. The self-draining ability, high sanitize-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP), stainless steel components enabling high corrosion resistance, small and lightweight design, disposable tubing, and fail-close arrangement are the distinguishing qualities of valves for food. Users may be certain that the processing environment in their sector is free from any form of contamination since each component is designed with materials that enable efficient disinfecting and cleaning.

What are types of valves?

There are a number of types of this product group usually offered by pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals & chemical industries. Understanding what you require in order to manage this material is essential since each food must be processed under varied and controlled pressures temperature & flow. The two sub-classes of valves used in the food and beverage sectors are:

  • valves with direct contact

Direct valves, as their name suggests, are those that come into direct touch with any type of food or beverage substance, including liquid items. To avoid any microbiological contamination, direct contact valves must comply to stringent hygiene standards.

  • valves for utility services

The food and beverage business regularly use utility service valves. These valves don’t come into touch with food and goods directly. Instead, they control how much steam, water, and other non-food and non-beverage supplies are available for use in preparing, transporting, or packaging food and drinks

and several varieties of sanitary valves appropriate for use in the food and beverage sector, such as:

  • Sanitary ball valves
  • Sanitary globe valves
  • Sanitary diaphragm valves
  • Sanitary solenoid valves
  • Sanitary pinch valves
  • Sanitary knife valves
  • Sanitary butterfly valves

each has different specifications according to food to be proceed

Why are they important?

Due to the fact that food items are frequently in close touch with the equipment used to manufacture them, food grade equipment and devices are important. Chemicals in the materials may leak into exposed products, or in other cases, small particles of a substance may move straight into the finished product that will be ingested. Playing with human life by compromising on such instruments is unacceptable. People don’t want to compromise on their health, so it has become important for food industry.

Wrap Up

Though, the phrase “food grade” simply refers to the equipment’s material which is more suited for meals in liquid form and does not imply that the entire piece of equipment either suitable for use with food or not. It is necessary to consider additional elements, such as cleanability, hygiene & quality of food to be proceed. Even if it fulfills all requirements set by certified organizations there is no standard way to confirm hygienic of food, we cannot on relay on anything.

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