Vietnambased Vnlife Vnpay 1b Asia: Great Efforts to Become one of the top Companies

Vietnambased vnlife vnpay 1b Asia is one of the most important companies which provides different services. The services will be discussed later on in this content. Vnlife is basically focused on the digitization of the different systems. It has many investors who have helped them a lot to raise money and expand the business.

Vnpay was basically bought some years back. It is focused on the online payment system and if there is any problem they can solve it. It is a trusted company that has joined vnlife and since then given its services.

The team of developers are also focused on moving money. Nowadays a survey shows that it is moving a total of 10 billion. The result can be seen in this achievement that is Vietnambased Vnlife Vnpay 1b.

Advanced and Modern Technology

The advance and modern technology guarantee the Vnlife Vnpay 1b Asia. As we know above that their main motive was to impose new technology. The services like AI, big data etc contain those features which can attract the nowadays customers. Vnpay has tried a lot to Impress its customers.

Best and Advance Staff

Vnlife vnpay 1b Asia can also be possible by great staff which can get the solution of any problem. There is a total of 4000 staff members who have technical backgrounds. These staff members are selected from different countries. It means they have an international level of staff. The number of engineers in this vnlife is 1000.

Vietnambased vnpay 1b Asia was only possible when such a vast staff had worked. The developers provide QR code payments, travel tickets, entertainment etc to 52 banks and 7 e-wallet-type banks.

Digital Banking

The programmers or developers of vnlife vnpay have strived to make an app which is suitable for online banking. An app which can’t be affected by hackers. The hacker can’t attack or rob it. These all digital systems have let them gain the trust of the customers. these all things lead to Vietnambased vnpay 1b Asia. 

The developers provide an app and then make possible different transactions. This is done so that there should be no issue. Customers can also enjoy these apps to do some other services.

These services have attracted a lot of customers. This company made all the digitization of the banking system possible. The user of this online banking app can now sit on a couch and do transactions all day long. The base of these services is the first funding which is Vietnambased Vnlife 250m 1b Asia. 

Powerful and Reliable

When a company deals in more than 48 currencies then you can know that it is a powerful and reliable company. This power and reliability came from Vietnambased vnlife 250m 1b Asia. It means that the company is dealing in 48 countries. It is also one of the best perks of vnlife vnpay. 

The vnpay vnlife has extended its services to 5 countries. It is also one of the best perks which have made possible the Vnlife vnpay 250m 1b Asia. It should not be taken lightly as they have worked more to get acceptance from the users of their services.

The number of customers has also been increasing due to the extension of their services. it also leads this enterprise to get the Vnlife vnpay 250m 1b Asia in series funding. The international client also wants their services as they have progressed a lot. Vietnambased vnlife vnpay 250m is the groundwork of all services.


It has also made it possible to digitize the banking system. Through this process, the old system was now changed. Vietnambased vnlife vnpay 250m has made possible the advancement in the banking system of Vietnam. Progress like Vietnambased Vnlife Vnpay 1b Asia has also been possible. The need for the digital system is now more than ever. 

Technology Advancement

The technology which was before this one was obsolete now. The advancement in technology has made working easy. This technology also made the company raise its worth to Vietnambased 250m 1b Asia. Innovation in technology is one of the best things. More and more advanced technology has also made it possible to earn Vietnambased Vnlife Vnpay 1b Asia. 

Also deals in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has also been dealing with cryptocurrency. It is one of the currencies in which most people are interested. Most people have invested and earned a lot of money. Vietnambased 250m 1b Asia dealing in crypto is also of the best point. The vnpay vnlife has made possible some very great results.

Vnlife Vnpay is Beneficial to State

The vnlife vnpay has given a lot to the state. The state was really impressed by Vietnambased vnlife 1b Asia. This business is beneficial to the economy of the state. The foundation of the Vietnambased Vnlife Vnpay 1b Asia was the 250 million which was raised in series b. The companies like these should be funded and given more popularity.

Vietnambased vnlife 1b Asia is even possible when they were given so much revenue to the state. The state should appreciate the company’s services. The customer should order the services from this company. Vietnambased Vnpay 250m 1b Asia is news to give notice to.

Vietnambased vnlife vnpay 250m 1b Asia has increased the revenue of the state. The services provided by this company are one of the best ones. The numbers shown above that how much they are dealing in. Vietnambased Vnpay 250m 1b Asia is one of the security companies. It also protects the company from different hackers.

Vietnambased vnlife vnpay 250m 1b Asia is providing new and more advanced services as this is their motive.


  1. Is VNPay an Ewallet?

VNPAY has launched a new version of the e-wallet. VNPay is well known for its QR code payment network. VNPay is said to have officially achieved “unicorn” status after a funding round last year from Softbank Vision Fund and state investment fund GIC.

  • Who owns VNPay?

Vietnamese fintech VNLIFE, owner of digital payments firm VNPAY, has secured $250 million in a Series B funding round led by General Atlantic and Dragoneer Investment Group. The round also included participation from PayPal Ventures and EDBI as well as existing investors GIC and SoftBank Vision Fund 1

  • Who invested in VNLIFE?

VNLIFE has 6 investors including PayPal Ventures and General Atlantic.

  • How much funding has VNLIFE raised to date?

VNLIFE raised $550M when it was recorded.

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