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About valenciabased jeff seriesnicolschwarzsifted

Jeff has a Spanish firm that supports people starting and operating their businesses. He has announced a €90 million Series C financing led by the Delivery Hero-backed fund DX Ventures. The company is aiming for profitability this year. Therefore the rise was distributed evenly between debt and stock. 


Jeff, created in 2015, assists users in starting and running businesses in various industries. The industries include launderettes, health clubs, beauty parlors, massage parlors, coffee shops, and coworking spaces. 

Aspiring business owners must have located and be renting the space and making a €50,000 initial investment. Using Jeff’s well-established supply chains and supplier network, that money is used to purchase the appropriate tools and materials. According to the platform’s creator, Eloi Gómez, a firm may be started in 45 days. 

Then, business owners pay a monthly fee of €400 to utilize Jeff’s name and various business management tools. This includes items like a step-by-step marketing strategy and a partnerships manual. And a frontend interface for collecting customer reservations and consumer data insights.

Profit is the only goal of the company. 

The economy’s decline has made it more challenging for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs like Jeff secure capital from venture capitalists. Jeff says it hopes to reach profitability this year. 

Gómez claims that it will accomplish this by strengthening the team. The team develops its AI-driven business advising products and doubles down on its laundrette sector. 

Additionally, Jeff will use the debt facility from the transaction to finance Jeff Capital. He started it in April last year and lent money to consumers needing liquidity.

The fact that Jeff has recently made significant layoffs will make the company’s path to break even easier. Between 2020 and 2022, the number of employees was cut in half.


The investors are:

  • Berlin-based DX Ventures
  • Clean Ventures
  • Stelac and Prism 

They all participated in the round. Nalpa and Alcor also invested in this business.

The situation of the marketplace 

Although Jeff’s franchising business model is somewhat unusual for a startup, other European tech firms that assist brick-and-mortar enterprises have recently secured sizable rounds.

  • Delivered a point-of-sale system for restaurants in Belgium and raised $150 million in January 2022.
  • In October 2022, Spanish Factorial, a platform for SMEs’ human resources, raised $120 million.
  • Overall, a Berlin-based company that assists offline companies with online visibility raised $115 million in June 2021.

About Kai Nicol-Schwarz

Kai Nicol-Schwarz is a reporter, a highly talented and accomplished individual with extensive experience in the field of technology. As an expert in artificial intelligence, he has made significant contributions to various cutting-edge projects aimed at advancing innovation and improving operational efficiency. With his vast knowledge of machine learning algorithms, Kai has helped businesses across multiple industries optimize their operations by utilizing data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

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 In addition to his technical expertise, Kai is renowned for his exceptional leadership skills and ability to inspire teams to achieve common goals. His unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional results have earned him recognition as one of the most influential figures in the tech industry today.


We hope we guided you well on the valenciabased jeff seriesnicolschwarzsifted. Kai Nicol-Schwarz Sifted, Jeff, a frontend app provider based in Valencia, raised €90M in Series C funding, split around 50/50 between stock and debt. If you want to learn about this in more detail, then this guide will prove a helping hand to you. Business and tech knowledge is very important when you want only profit. And the goal of this business is only profit, so we created this post so you can learn more about it.

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