Traditional Timings for a Wedding in Canberra

Hosting a big wedding party involves a lot of activities. You need to buy your wedding accessories, choose the venue, and invite the guests. However, the most significant task is to create a proper schedule for the wedding event. You have to decide on timings for rituals and activities related to your bridal ceremony. Let us talk about the traditional timings of any wedding event in Canberra.

Outline the main activities-

To develop your wedding timeline, you must focus on the major activities, including pre-wedding rituals, the main ceremony, and the wedding reception. Based on these activities, you can create a plan. 

Besides, you have to book your vendors, who will help you create wedding schedules and determine exact timings. Your hairstylist, photographer, and wedding DJ in Canberra will give you more tips on your wedding day timeline. 

Find the approximate timings for various activities on the wedding day.

Cocktail hours-

Your guests want to have a glass of cocktails, interact with each other, and snap family photos. You can arrange a DJ or live band to provide entertainment to your guests. Make sure that everything at the party will go smoothly. Your guests should have their food or drink orders for a few months before the wedding.

Entrance of the bride and the groom-

After the guests have taken their seats, the new bride and the groom will make their grand entrance into the wedding hall. You need an hour to introduce the guests to the newlywed couple.

Dances and other entertainment for half an hour-

A wedding party creates a festive mood, so, you can consider some sources of entertainment. Ensure that you have created a separate time slot for dance performances and other amusements. 

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Serve dinner-

Serving dinner to guests can cover 45 minutes. But, it may vary with the type of catering services you have chosen. You may choose between a traditional sit-down meal or a buffet style. However, the most significant thing is to carry out everything in an orderly and organized way.

Reception exits for around 20 minutes-

At the end of the wedding party or the reception party, you can get ready for the grand departure. You may also turn on music when your guests are going to exit the venue. Snap some photos during the exit.

Let us create a sample timeline based on traditional wedding arrangements in Canberra.

  • The bride starts dealing with her makeup artists at 9.00 AM
  • The groom arrives with the groomsmen at 11:00 AM.
  • The bride will wear the wedding gown at 12.00 PM.
  • Couples portraits can be captured at 1:00 p.m. The photographers will also snap family photos.
  • With the arrival of guests at 3.30 PM, the main ceremony starts at 4.00 PM.
  • Serve the food at 7.00 PM
  • The couple and others will engage in dance at 8:00 PM.
  • Let your guests have some desserts at 8.30 PM.
  • Serve cool drinks at 10.30 PM
  • Guests will leave the venue at around 11.00 PM

Of course, you might decide to have the ceremony earlier in the day and do all the photographs after the ceremony – it’s up to you!

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