The Best Family Refrigerator for You: How to Choose

When it comes to buying a refrigerator for your family, there are a lot of things to consider. Size, features, price…the list goes on and on. How do you know which refrigerator is the best for your needs? In this blog post, we will help you figure out which fridge is right for your home. We’ll discuss different types of refrigerators and offer tips on how to choose the perfect one for your family. So whether you’re in the market for a new fridge or just curious about what’s available, read on!

Choosing the right size refrigerator

First thing’s first. When it comes to picking the best large family fridge, size is perhaps the most important thing you’re going to have to consider. You want to make sure the fridge is big enough to store food for the whole family, but also not so big that it doesn’t practically fit within your kitchen space.

Generally speaking, a family household of three to four people will need a fridge with a capacity of about 380-530 liters. While a larger family with five members or more will be looking at a capacity of around 530 liters and up.

And as mentioned earlier, it’s not merely about how much you can fit in your fridge, but also about fitting the fridge itself neatly into your kitchen. A handy tip for this is to measure (and measure again) the dimensions of your fridge and the space you intend to slot it. To allow for some wiggle room, you’re going to want to allow 5cm of space for the sides and rear, and 10cm for the top.

Choosing the right type of refrigerator

Now that you know how much space your fridge should take up, it’s time to decide what type of refrigerator is best for your needs. The four main types are:

  • Top mount or freezer on top refrigerators, though they might be the cheapest, are also the smallest and likely not the wisest choice for a family home.
  • Bottom mount or freezer on bottom refrigerators do commonly come with a capacity that can comfortably accommodate a household of three or four. Though they can cost a bit more.
  • Side by side refrigerators offers the most freezer and chiller space, as well as extra features like ice and water dispensers, making these fairly ideal for a family of four or more.
  • French door refrigerators are quickly becoming one of the more popular choices for family homes as they offer a good amount of fridge and freezer space, while still being sleek and stylish. Along with their common extra features, French door fridges can arguably be said to carry the heaviest price tag.

Choosing the right type of finish

When it comes to the outside of your fridge, you have three common choices: white, stainless steel or black stainless steel.

White refrigerators are often seen as the more classic and timeless option and are a popular choice for those who want something that will never go out of style. Stainless steel fridges, however, come with a modern look and can be quite durable. They also are particularly resistant to fingerprints which can be a preferable option in a family with children.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right refrigerator for your family can seem daunting, but with a little bit of research and some careful consideration, you’re sure to find the perfect fridge for your needs. So take your time and measure twice!

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