Storiesdown: Is Storiesdown scam or legit?

The current figure of Instagram users reached 1 billion active users. After launching the stories feature of Instagram users increase even more. But one thing which is challenging for Instagram users is that Instagram does not allow them to download the stories from their favorite accounts. And as you know the time of the stories is also limited. After 24 hours stories will not available anymore.

So do not worry because today we will direct you to that tool which gives you the power to download the Instagram stories and that tool is known as storiesdown. You can find it at the address of

How to use storiesdown Instagram 

The best feature of this tool is that you don’t need to log in the Instagram. Without being an active user of Instagram you can still able to save other personal stories with the help of the storiesdown Instagram. The person whose story you download will not know. It is means you can do it anonymously.

To download any Instagram story you don’t need rocket science. Just visit storiesdown official website and you will see the big search bar. Here just put your targeted Instagram user name and click on the search button. After the result appears you can download it in high resolution and also share it with your friends.

If we talk about the traffic of storiesdown it’s amazing. The traffic of this tool is 7.07 million per month. You can guess from this figure how this tool effective is.

Another good news is that you don’t need the app to download the story. Just google storiesdown or storiesdown Instagram and enjoy your favorite story in your gallery. And for this, you do not need to pay it is free of cost.

Blogs Feature of storiesdown 

Storiesdown Instagram has another great feature for Instagram users and that’s the blog feature. After visiting the blog you will see the informative blogs related to Instagram.

  • beginners guide to Instagram
  • how to recover Instagram deleted messages
  • how to go viral on Instagram
  • how to recover an Instagram account
  • how to get more Instagram followers

These are some of the titles of the blogs which you can read on storiesdown Instagram. As you can see these blogs are very helpful for Instagram users. Because in these blogs you can find many problem solutions regarding Instagram.

Situations in which you cannot download stories on storiesdown 

During entering some Instagram user names you may not find their story. This is possible in two situations.

  1. When you enter the private user name account. In this case, you cannot download the person’s story. storiesdown permit you to download the stories of public accounts only.
  2. When the storytime runs out. As we mentioned above Instagram allows the story just for 24 hours only. If you search the account which not posted the story in the last 24 hours. storiesdown will show you the phrase “There is no story in last 24 hours”.

Final note

There are lots of Instagram story viewer software that allows you to download and view Instagram stories. Some of them even receive money and they display you different packages. But the one which is very easy to use and freely available globally is the storiesdown. This software does not demand a single penny.

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