Roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy 2022: Comprehensive Insights into Roblox’s Year-Over-Year Growth in September 2022

We are here once again with an interesting topic of the popular gaming platform Roblox, and its metrics. This article provides information regarding Roblox report metrics for September 2022 with a comparison to its previous year (YOY) roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy

Common terms you need to know while studying this article:

The common terms used in this article are Daus and YOY.

Daus: DAUs stand for Daily Active Users which indicates the number of newbie users to the platform. DAU shows the data of those users who logged in in the previous 24 hours. DAU shows the popularity of the platform.

YOY: YOY stands for Year-Over-Year which shows the comparison of various factors with the considerable previous year. This term is commonly used in businesses where companies can easily compare their growth or failure rate with the previous year.

Roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy: Roblox September YOY report 

Roblox’s September 2022 report was a significant YOY growth to the company where it gained 57.8 million DAUs Roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy

August 2022 report was even more interesting and shows an excellent figure of 59.8 million DAUs Roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy

September 2022 metrics report issued by Roblox showed a 23% active user dominancy as compared to the previous year’s metrics report. Similarly, engaged hours and estimated booking were also increased to the factors of 16% and 11% to 15% respectively. 

The reason behind falling the Roblox’s DAU 

August month report was way better than September’s. In September metrics we can observe a slight decline in factors such as DAUs, active hours, and estimated booking. This slight decrease in a single month was a result of some of the highlighted factors such as users returning to their routine work.

The COVID-19 pandemic which jammed the world and prison everyone at home was the best time for the gaming industries where users had maximum time to engage with gaming industry platforms like Roblox. 

After opening the schools, and offices and when the race of life began after a long break from a pandemic, users became busy with their own work in schools, offices, etc. This situation made an impact of reducing factors like DAUs and active engaged hours etc. 

In the September 2022 metrics report, daily active users or DAUs dropped from 59.9 million to 57.8 million Roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy. Similarly, active users reduced from 4.7 billion to 4 billion only. And, the estimated booking downed from the range of $233 million and $237 million to $212 million and $219 million.

The overall contribution of Roblox 

Roblox is one of the most popular and highlighted platforms in the gaming industry. Because of its non-stop features and continuous updates.

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The best part of the Roblox platform is it allows users to not only play already existing games but also provide tools for the users to design their own kinds of games. Such features attracted many users and made the Roblox platform their favorite one.


In conclusion to Roblox 57.8m daus 59.9m august yoy, Roblox’s September 2022 metrics report in comparison to the previous year (YOY) shows a nuanced picture of the platform’s performance. 

The same September report shows a clear decline in Daily Active Users (DAUs), active hours, and estimated bookings compared to the August metrics. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What does “DAUs” stand for in the context of Roblox metrics? 

“DAUs” stands for Daily Active Users, representing the number of users who logged into the Roblox platform within the previous 24 hours, indicating its popularity.

  • What does “YOY” mean in the context of Roblox’s September 2022 report? 

“YOY” stands for Year-Over-Year, a term used to compare various metrics or factors with the corresponding data from the previous year, providing insights into the platform’s growth or changes over time.

  • How does Roblox’s September 2022 report compare to the previous year? 

The September 2022 report shows a significant Year-Over-Year growth, gaining 57.8 million DAUs. However, the August 2022 report was even more impressive, highlighting 59.8 million DAUs.

  • What factors contributed to the decline in metrics, such as DAUs and active hours, in September 2022? 

The decline in metrics for September is attributed to factors like users returning to routine work, schools, and offices after the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting engagement on the Roblox platform.

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