Planting Trees: A Meaningful Way To Remember Loved Ones

Planting a tree to honor the life of a loved one positively affects everyone and all factors involved. Fresh trees improve the air quality, the health of the surrounding environment, and the health of the people who frequent the areas where trees are planted. Planting a tree also provides those in mourning a way to commemorate their loved one in a way that may outlast even their time alive on this earth.

Unfortunately, determining how you plan to honor a recent passing is not an easy decision. While you want to honor their wishes, you also want a way to grieve and find peace with their passing. Fortunately, planting trees in commemoration can accomplish ripple effects of positivity.

Below, we discuss how planting trees is a meaningful way to remember loved ones. We’ll explore reasons that inspire people to plant trees to remember their loved ones. Read on to learn more about what a plant a tree gift can offer.

A plant a tree gift signifies that the spirit is eternal.

Engaging in nature can deeply benefit our health and well-being. Some view nature as an extension of Source, which may comfort those coming to terms with a recent passing. Doing your part in your plant a tree gift is a sincere way to remember a loved one and can signify that the loved one’s spirit is forever alive within nature.

We are connected to every living thing.

Planting a tree to honor the life of a loved one is also done to make peace with the loss of life and remember that we are all connected to every other living thing, including trees. Establishing a sense of unity with a plant a tree gift may help decrease the separation often felt following a passing.

Honor a passing with a new life.

Consider the practice of planting a tree as a way to honor the life of a recently departed person with the gift of a new life. Planting a tree in their name welcomes new life while honoring the life of your loved one, reminding us that endings come with new beginnings.

Feel a continuance of life with your donation.

Some people believe that life continuously evolves and that we never truly die. Your plant a tree gift contribution in the name of your loved one can reinstate that sense of continuity and the idea that we are only reborn and evolving. Those who don’t feel like they can let go of their departed may take comfort in this concept, as it allows them to hold on to their loved ones in a new way.

Make an impact with your contribution.

Planting a tree in the name of a loved one is a profound way to honor their life. Your contribution tends to your loss and supports communities and environments in need. Consider donating a plant a tree gift to celebrate the life of your loved one. Reach out to memorial tree planting services near you.

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