Peoplepc webmail: from past to recent

Are you here to know about the peoplepc webmail you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide this information. Before going to jump this first we will look at a short history of peoplepc.

It was 1999 when the founder of peoplepc launched the company. The founder of peoplepc is Nick Grouf. The first services of this company were provided in the united states.

The work of this company was simple. It had connected the user’s personal computers to the internet connection. And the users had enjoyed it by accessing the discounted products and services. It means that peoplepc is the internet service provider.

Through the clickstart initiative project from president Clinton, peoplepc provided internet services to low-income families. Not only internet access but providing computers and their training were also part of this project.

As we can see the internet is full of knowledge for those who want to get it. Once President Clinton talked about the goal of this program ”to link children and adults to a lifetime of learning, to provide access to distant medical care, to empower parents, to assist job-seekers, to enhance safety and foster economic development.”

Services of peoplepc

Firstly, peoplepc gave the customers three years of membership. In this membership, customers received a new computer.

If we talk about the current situation of peoplepc. In 2002 peoplepc company is converted to earthlink.

Earthlink provides advanced internet services which include home internet, and business internet. This company also provides you with the best security and privacy. With the use of their services, you can grow your business with designs and digital marketing products. For the users, they have free webmail services without demanding any extra payment.

Peoplepc webmail

To be in contact with users they provide the webmail peoplepc. If you want to create the account you need to visit the official website of earthlink. As we mentioned above the current alternate name of peoplepc is earthlink. Now Earthlink is the owner company of peoplepc services.

The procedure of peoplepc com webmail login is not very difficult. You can easily register for webmail peoplepc. For peoplepc webmail login you need an email address and password. For a secure account don’t share the password with anyone.

Benefits of using peoplepc webmail

All the messages you send from your account will be secure through peoplepc webmail as they use SSL security encryption.

The best thing is that you do not need a specific computer to reach your email. Rather you can access your email from any computer in any corner of the world.

As we discussed peoplepc services have SSL encryption for email security. It simply means that your outgoing and receiving messages are completely safe from 3rd parties. And nobody is allowed to read your messages or steal your data.

The limits of peoplepc webmail is up to 5 accounts. You cannot exceed it.

Peoplepc webmail gives you excess tools

There are helpful sites that you can visit after having the webmail. These tools include:

Amazon: here you can check all the new products and you can easily select and order them. Through Amazon, you can shop for dresses, electronic gadgets, beauty picks, computers and accessories, baby products, toys, etc.

Ebay: the working method of ebay is usually the same as amazon. Same as amazon where you can also search for your favorite products.

Sports: different types of sports matches are available here. You can watch the live score of your favorite sport through ESPN.

Some of the names of the sports are listed below 

National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), cricket, and dozens of others sports.


Here you can check for the weather conditions. You can see the current weather condition in your area.

The full-day forecast is displayed here morning, afternoon, evening, and, overnight with probable temperature.

The best feature of this weather website is it also lists the other data, including humidity, pressure, visibility, wind speed, UV index, and a moon phase every day.


News is the best knowledge of current affairs. Through webmail peoplepc com you will be able to watch and read international news.

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