Mobile App Development – The Process from Concept to Debugging

For the sake of this article, we will take an Australian entrepreneur who has decided the time has come to design a mobile app and take him/her through the app design and build process.

Step 1 – Sourcing an app developer – Look for a leading Sydney Flutter developer with a solid reputation and they would suggest you share a Zoom call to talk about your needs. There are a few good app developers in Sydney; check out their client list, which is always a good indication of their prowess. Read the online reviews and make contact with the one that gives you good vibes.

Step 2 – Initial consultation – Typically carried out via Zoom, this gives the team manager the chance to gather data and this enables the team to create a proposal. This would be an informal person-to-person Zoom call, which might last as long as an hour, then another video meeting would be scheduled, when more specific details are discussed.

Step 3 – Digital storyboard – The development team creates a visual replication of the digital interface, which shows the commands and pathways. During this meeting, small adjustments are made by the developer to hone the app to perfectly suit the client’s needs. Again, this can be done virtually, or you could visit the developer’s offices.

Step 4 – The build – Armed with the data they need, the Flutter app development team get to work, front and backend developers work as a team, while the manager coordinates, with daily meetings during the duration of the build. Click here for how localised SEO can transform a small business.

Step 5 – The app goes live – Prior to being uploaded to Play Store and other platforms, the app is launched and a series of tests are carried out; then you can invite your customers and employees to the free download site. Debugging takes place during the first few weeks, while you enjoy full support from the developer. Both iOS and Android platforms should be created to maximise your exposure.

Post launch support

The app is monitored day and night by the development team, while your staff are trained should that be necessary. The developer is always ready to add sections to the app; scale up as your business grows and enjoys the many benefits that come with having a mobile app. Cyber-security is something you won’t have to worry about, as the developer uses bank-grade cyber-security solutions. If you are ready to learn more about the many benefits that app development brings, start with a Google search for ‘leading app developers in Sydney’ and browse the list of websites to find a Flutter development team with a great reputation and take the first step in the above process. This is one decision that you won’t regret, besides, every organisation will eventually build their own app

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