Making Kratom Tincture At Home: Follow This Step To Step Guide

Who says if a thing is healthy, it is tasty too? Okay, let’s face it. We often reject many valuable things just because of their taste. Right? We bet kratom is not new even to you. Yeah, we know this reminds you of its bitter taste. You know what? Many of us dislike the bitter flavor of kratom. Its taste is somewhat a bit stronger too. And this makes it more complicated to consume. Isn’t it? But do you know some users are huge fans of this grassy and leafy taste? They crave it.

Well, but if you have any problem with its taste, you can even avoid it. Many incredible recipes are flourishing in the herb market. Rather than consuming this herb orally, you can mold it into a powder, tea, or capsules. Moreover, you can also add many everyday edibles like honey or ginger. It’ll cover the bitter taste of the plant. But guess what? The best part of this discussion is yet to come.

We are talking about homemade kratom tinctures. Yes, it is possible to make tinctures at home. It can be your favorite way to enjoy the goodness of natural kratom with a yummy taste. And not just delicious, the fluid will be fast working, easily portable, more potent, and easy to use. Trust us! It will be much better than a regular kratom powder. Its impacts will stay the same. But guess what? You can store this DIY kratom tincture for a lengthy period.

The tincture will not dry out. So, you do not need to worry about it. You can make the tincture even with the premium kratom variants like green dragon kratom, white platinum kratom, etc. Due to the strict laws of the FDA, it’s not that easy to get good quality kratom everywhere. But with our tincture recipes, you can turn any raw kratom powder into a yummy tincture. Besides, its contents are easy to get, and it’ll not take much of your time. So, now, let’s discuss the tincture recipe step by step-

What do you mean by kratom tincture, and why should you try making it at home?

Okay, first things first! Let’s first know what we are precisely making and why we should put effort into making it. So, mitragyna speciosa (kratom) tincture is a sort of kratom extract with a blend of an alcohol solvent. The alcohol content helps in keeping the alkaloids of kratom intact. One of the preferable solvents in the queue is ethanol. However, the manufacturers also combine it with organic substances like water.

This super potent kratom liquid is remarkably effective. And it possesses a high concentration. What if you can get twice the pros of an ordinary kratom derivative at the same price? Well, that’s what our homemade mitragyna speciosa tincture can do. Besides this, here are some fascinating benefits of a DIY kratom tincture-

  1. Your body will adopt a faster onset of impacts. It’s so because it won’t need to break anything like a capsule.
  2. You can customize your kratom tincture according to your needs.
  3. Your homemade fluid form of kratom will be super potent. It means you’ll need only a smaller dose to feel the effects.
  4. You can store this fluid for a long time in a bottle.
  5. You can conveniently carry your kratom fluid wherever you want. Just make sure to keep it in a resealable bottle.
  6. Now, here is our favorite one. You can avoid the bitter grassy taste of kratom or its derivative.

So now that you seem to be impressed let’s start our thrilling recipe.

How to make the best kratom tincture at home? A step to step guide-

There are two ways to convert kratom into a DIY mitragyna species tincture. You can opt for any one of them according to your convenience. They are-

  1. Tincture with kratom leaves
  2. Tonic from powder form of kratom

Now, let’s discuss the equipment and ingredients.

 What equipment will I need?

  1. A measuring scale
  2. A large mason container or a sealable glass jar
  3. Dark glass tincture bottles
  4. A funnel (optional)
  5. Cheesecloth or any fabric for straining

 What ingredients will I need?

  1. Four to five ounces of the powder form of kratom (for personal use)
  2. Leaves of mitragyna speciosa
  3. pH strips
  4. Ethyl alcohol (one liter of ethyl alcohol will be sufficient for around four ounces of powder kratom)
  5. Citric acid

 Note: we suggest using kratom variants like Bali gold, green Malay, red Sumatra, and white maeng da. Now, let’s start with the steps.

What steps can I follow to make a customized kratom tincture?

 For preparing it with the leaves of kratom-

  1. Mix some water, ethanol, and kratom leaves in a container.
  2. Put the mix in a glass jar.
  3. Put some citric acid in the mix as a preservative.
  4. Take a pH scale to check the pH level of the mix. Make sure it’s 4.
  5. Seal the glass jar and begin to shake the mixture for a while.
  6. Now, keep the pot in the dark place (for almost 7-14 days).
  7. After this period, employ a strainer to strain this watery fluid in a vessel.
  8. Exclude the leaves and place the liquid again in the same jar.
  9. Evaporate almost half of it till it gets thick.
  10. And woohoo! It’s ready!

 For preparing it with the powder kind of kratom-

  1. Measure and note the exact amount of alcohol and powder.
  2. Now put them in a mason jar and mix them well.
  3. Put some citric acid in it and check the mix’s acidity with a pH scale. Make sure it gets to
  4. Cover the jar and then shake the content.
  5. Place it in a dark area for around 7-14 days.
  6. Now, shake the jar again before opening it. Then, strain the fluid into another vessel. If the container still has any powder content, remove it. And put the liquid again in it with a funnel.
  7. For more potency, evaporate almost half of the fluid. It should get thicker.
  8. Lastly, please put it in an airtight container. And it’s ready!

So, these are the top two recipes for preparing kratom tinctures at home. You should start its dosage with the smallest amount. This entire process will hardly take thirty minutes. All the best! Follow a kratom strains guide to learn more!

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