Land and construction financing: Dream of your own land

Would you like to finance a property and thus take a big step towards your own independence? Then don’t be discouraged. Land financing is not an easy task, but with sufficient knowledge and good credit comparisons, it is possible that you will soon be able to own your own property.

So that your land financing does not become a financial obstacle, we would like to clarify all open questions in this article and look together at how you can finance your property in the best possible way.

For some readers, it may be particularly interesting whether you can finance your property without equity and if so, what conditions you have to expect.

So let’s start directly with the essentials – with land financing.

How do you finance a property?

There are various options for land and construction loans california. You can finance the house and property at the same time and thus take out a joint loan. Alternatively, you can first finance the property and then the house. This results in either a bank change or two separate loans.

Credit for land – proper planning makes the difference!

You can choose from different banks and different types of loan. This gives you many opportunities to save money. However, the loan comparison also represents an additional effort for you. A loan for land and house is probably the biggest liability you will make in your life.

Accordingly, it is important to think about some thoughts in advance.

The loan for land purchase is not the only form of financing that suits you. In addition to the loan, you can also use construction subsidies, which can also increase your capital depending on the region and initial situation.

In addition there are also regional subsidies distributed by the federal states, the economic regions or the individual cities. Here, too, it is worth informing yourself in advance. For instance, follow

Land financing calculator: What is the cost of a loan?

The cost of your loan land must distinguish between the cost of buying land and the cost of the loan itself. It is essential that you realistically estimate the costs and consider whether you can afford the land or the construction project.

Even the most beautiful property can become a nightmare if you do not have the financial resources for it. Therefore, you should make an assessment of the cost of your property purchase credit in advance.

Land credit: brokerage costs

The last cost size is the brokerage costs. If you want to finance a property that has been brokered to you by a broker, there are also costs for you. As a rule, these are about 5% to 7% of the total purchase price.

Financing land without equity – is that possible?

Banks usually lend cheaper if borrowers have higher collateral. The fewer collateral there is, the higher the price. Accordingly, without equity, the conditions do not have to be particularly attractive, do they?

That’s not always true. If you want to finance a plot of land and new construction, equity is always good, even with a small loan amount. Nevertheless, you can expect interesting loan offers even without equity.

Financing a property without equity only requires a better credit comparison, which is even more worthwhile for you. In addition, factors such as the level of income or the individual situation play an equally important role.

If you finance your property without spending equity, it is extremely important that you also take into account the above-mentioned additional purchase costs (broker, notary, etc.). These must also be paid through the loan for land financing. They cannot be paid from equity.

If you want to finance a land purchase without equity, this is therefore possible. However, you should think about your liquidity to cover the additional costs and, if necessary, take out a slightly higher loan.

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