Integration of RFID technologies in a Smart Parking System

RFID Technology has strengthened various industries over the past years, and the process of transformation is ongoing. According to MarketandMarket, RFID Market is estimated to be USD 10.7 billion in 2021 and projected to reach USD 17.4 billion by 2026; at a CAGR of 10.2%.

Using RFID technology is used in various industries including,  finance management Payments System, VehicleTracking Equipment Tracking , Logistics Tracking and BlockChain System

Although the effective use of radio sensing technology is under construction, we are discussing how the parking system can be transformed using RFID TECHNOLOGY

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What is RFID Technology?

RFID Technology involves the radio frequency to identify, search, and communicate with items and humans.

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification, in simple words, RFID systems will transmit and catch the radio waves to antenna/reader combination.

This integrated system can be embedded in diverse operations to automate the process. Here example for you :

Contactless Payments is one of the best implications of RFID Technology. You can pay without any kind of physical contact between the card and the terminal. Cardholders just need to wave the card in front of a contactless terminal.

According to Forbes, after a pandemic, the contactless transaction is at its peak. The usage of contactless payments in the country has risen 150% since March 2019.

Digital wallets integrated with RFID will make payment methods easier and safer. In the future, you will use an e-wallet with integrated RFID technology.

How RFID technologies in a Smart Parking System work?

Integrating RIFD solutions in parking systems can be an intricate process. The operation involves the complex RFID parking management solution. Understanding the system could be hard. Before moving let’s see How RFID SYSTEM CAN BE INTEGRATED into to PARKING SYSTEM:

  1. To make an effective RFID system, first we need to develop a network communication system and the RFID.


  1. Every car will be installed with a UHF RFID card. The card will include all the information related to the car.


  1. A dedicated system will read the movement of the car.


  1. The Fixed RFID reader will catch the frequency near the car and a polarized antenna will ensure the car.


Now, let us move towards the advantages of integration of RFID technologies in a Smart Parking System

How Integration of RFID technologies in a Smart Parking System will improve the tech?

  1. Improvised safety management – Intelligent RFID Parkins System will ensure the safety and security of cars. The integration process starts with the installment of unique RFID Cards in cars. The RFID Cards will contain all the information regarding the car, which includes car licenses, car owners, and all the other required documents.

The prime function of RFID Cards is that cards can locate the cars. The real time location will reduce the risk of the car being stolen. The safety of the car is 100% ensured.

  1. Reduced labor – Smart Parking System is an automated system based on a radio frequency identification system. This will reduce the cost of human resources used to keep the system well. The system will make traffic management cost-effective and automated.

The IoT functions like tracking and sensing will guide drivers to exact locations.  When the driver knows exactly where to park, this reduces the unnecessary hovering around the streets. Smart systems will tell you the nearest area where space is available.

Often, car management requires more labor, which reduces efficiency and also takes more time. RFID systems can overcome the issue effectively.

  1. Smart management System and Traffic Controls – Smart Parking not only involves RFID System, some operations involve the application of IoT and also the Automation Services.

The integrated system will automatically suggest the nearest space available. Thus, the driver is going to be less distracted. The system is injected with sensors that can detect the available.

Developing a smart parking system helps to improve public transportation and make the system easier. As the system will become more interconnected through RFID Cards, users will experience the benefits of the system.

Challenges involved in Integration of RFID technologies in a Smart Parking System

Integration of RFID technology is going to be the next trend in the tech industry. Every new technology or  industry comes with new challenges, and Smart Parking System has two major challenges,

  • First, Reader collision,
  • Second, Tag collision

As mentioned, RFID works on the tag system. The transmission of the signal is a unit of the entire system, but these signals get destroyed when one signal collides with another signal. This is known as collision,

Reader collision is when one signal collides with another one and Tag collision is when the system is confused due to numerous tag singles from the same RFID Card.


The RFID Integrated Parking system has both pros and cons. Adopting a smart system could be challenging and may take a longer time to get the desired efficiency, but involving the technology in the parking industry is cost effective.  The number of challenges is numerous so are the advantages.

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