Inflact Instagram Story Viewer And Downloader

Different story viewers and downloaders are available on the internet which allows you to save stories on your device forever. One of the best tools that are easy to use and free is inflact. This application is particularly built for downloading videos from Instagram, and it does so quickly and easily.

Inflact is an online video downloader that will keep your favorite videos and pictures on your device from Instagram even when you are offline. With Inflact, you can save time and easily collect hot Instagram video content. You can get instant video downloads from this most popular social media platform with a few clicks.

User interface and steps to download any vise are super easy for inflact story viewer, even those who do not use Instagram frequently. You need to copy the profile link and quality of the video and click on the download button. Within a few minutes, it will download your video.

How to use inflact photo and video downloader

  • In the first step, you have to copy the desired photo or video URL. There seems to be no link on Instagram posts, but you can get the link by clicking on the three dots when you open the photo.
  • Next, open the inflact browser either from your phone or computer. Paste the copied URL of the picture or video and click on the download button.
  • These downloaded items are available in the download section of your device, and you can view them anytime without an internet connection.

In addition to the simplicity, Instagram video downloader inflact provides high-quality video downloads without any hindrance. If some problem arises while downloading a video, you can instantly contact customer support 24/7.

Instagram story viewer

Instagram Story Viewer is a free web service that allows you to view Instagram Stories without leaving a trace. You may view any public Instagram account’s active Stories and Highlights. There are many advantages of using inflact viewer to view other people’s stories without showing him that you have viewed your story.

In past years you have to create a fake account to watch stories of public accounts, but this is no more required with anonymous instagram story viewer inflact. Take advantage of Stories, a free online Instagram offering. Input a person’s profile name. You may do it from any device with Internet connectivity, and no account is required. You can use inflact on any device like phone, laptop, and PC, with no limitations.

How to use Inflact story viewer

Copy the profile link and paste it on the inflact story viewer browser. Here the complete list of highlights and stories is visible.

  • You can view these stories, and if you want, you can download these stories by clicking on the download button. This application allows you to view stories of the accounts that have blocked you, but you can also view stories after 24 hours.

Is inflact real or a scam

With so many features, users come across question is inflact legit. The simple answer is yes, as it is legal to view and download someone’s stories and videos without his permission. Besides this, inflact is HTTPS secure with complete packaging and pricing visible to everyone. Free and premium services are available with the verified payment method.

Final Words

In short, inflact is an app that allows you to download Instagram videos as it is simple to use and features a user-friendly interface. Inflact is a great application for downloading videos from Instagram, offering users many options and functions. From the above mentioned post you can take a guide on how to use inflact.

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