Important questions surrounding C60 oils you should ask

Antioxidant oils have become necessary supplements in most peoples’ shopping lists today. This is because they do a great work when used both in beauty products for skin care and nutritional value as supplements. It is never easy to know the right quality of antioxidant oil to look for in the market when shopping however C60 oils have proven to be very instrumental. You can find two main types of C60 oils when you search for them in the market mainly for health concerns and even sexy massage sessions when applied topically. Both C60 olive and hemp oil are great and have met market standards however who you choose to buy them from is what will make all the difference.  Before you start using C60 oils for health or cosmetic help, here are the key questions you should get answers for first.

What are the side effects of using C60 oil?

Like all supplements there are potential side effects to using C60 that you should know. The first risk lies in the insufficient information on oral use of the C60 oils surrounding its safety. There may also be concerns regarding its long term use on the skin. Critics think that using the product for past eight weeks consecutively might have some adverse effects on the skin. There also lacks enough information on the use of C60 oils by pregnant or lactating mothers.

Is using more than required dosage safe?

Whether you are using C60 oils for yourself or your pet, getting your dosages right is of utmost importance. You should introduce your body gradually to the supplement and observe the progress before choosing to step up the dose. It is wise to consult your doctor on the issue before you include C60 oils on your shopping list. Doctors give the best advice on how to handle the dosage concern and most importantly how to do your upgrades. The required dosage for a person is about 5ml daily but through progressive dosage upgrade there are those that use up to 15ml every day.

What are the storage conditions for C60?

There are a number of conditions that must be met when storing C60 oils. After purchasing your C60 hemp or olive oil you need to keep it away from light. This is the reason the packaging of the same is amber or dark brown color to mitigate light penetration. You should furthermore ensure the storage area is cool and dry to keep the oil in the desired state. You can refrigerate the oil in a freezer however there you will have to allow it to regain room temperature before using it after removing it from the fridge. Remember the shelf life of C60 oils are up to 3 years and can only last a few months once opened.

Is it safe for consumption?

C60 is you already know is being consumed by very many people and pets in search for improved immunity and skin quality. C60 oils have been manufactured for human use and are assumed to be safe however no tests have been done before. You should however ensure that you consume C60 oils that have 99.95% purity. Any other kind of C60 oil that has a rating lower than 99.95% is unsafe for human use and should be left for industrial use.

Does C60 have a taste?

Hemp oil and olive oil are the most common forms of oils that can perfectly infuse C60 as a supplement in them as they are soluble. Consumers however wonder whether adding C60 to olive oil will change the original taste of the oil. This poses the question whether C60 has any taste? You will feel a pepper like taste in your mouth when you consume C60 olive oil however the taste does not last for long and can be washed away with a simple sip of water.

Differentiate original and fine grade in C60

In this case fine and original grade of C60 olive oil have the same concentration of C60 which 99.95 and above when it comes to purity. Original grade C60 olive oil uses regular olive oil and can be found with ease at stores near you and online. The fine grade however utilizes olive oil that has been imprinted from Greece. This imported oil is best for C60 because it has extra antioxidants that make it effective. The fine or refined C60 olive oil tends to have a better taste when compare d to the original one.

Are there any health benefits?

C60 olive oil gained massive acceptance in the market by consumer sin the year 2012. More research is still being done on the molecule however there are a number of benefits that are associated with it when combined with quality oil. It has anti-aging properties that helps pets live longer and fight the signs of aging in human beings. It also helps in the anti-oxidization factor which helps in the making of

Should i take C60with additional food?

It is hard to find C60 existing on its own and the most accessible form is in oil form. Since olive oil is food, you do not need to add any other kind of food to C6o olive oil when consuming it. This does not however mean that consuming C60 olive oil with other food products has any kind of effect on the body either positively or negatively.


You should not be naïve when looking for the best C60 oil for consumption in the market. By doing your research to the above questions and many other inquiries you have, you alleviate your chances of being taken advantage of by scammer sellers in the market. There are different ways you can also choose to apply your C60 olive oil including the sublingual option, oral sprays, cooking and topical application on the skin. Only you get to choose the best form of using the solution and besides always ensure you adhere to the dosage terms.


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