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How To Use Bedroom Vastu Tips To Improve Your Love Life

What is bedroom vastu?

Keeping your bedroom in a good Vastu position can have many benefits. It can help you sleep better, enjoy your health, and even enhance your prosperity. The tips below will help you create a harmonious living space. The best way to keep your bedroom Vastu-friendly is to get rid of any items that might disturb your rest. Avoid placing your television or other appliances in your bedroom.

You should also make sure that your bedroom door opens 90 degrees, and that it doesn’t creak. Another important Vastu tip for your bedroom is to remove extra pillows. Too many pillows send out a message that there is no room. A family portrait is also a great way to create a serene, romantic space. When it comes to choosing Vastu colors for your bedroom, it’s best to get some advice from a good Vastu consultant.

Bedroom vastu tips for love life

If you want to attract a love interest, you should avoid placing anything that looks not good  in your bedroom. It is best to keep your head and eyes in the south direction. These are some Bedroom Vastu tips for love life that you need to follow to ensure success in your love life.

  • The north or western side of the bedroom is bad for your love life. It should be in a south or west direction. Your head should be facing the south, and your legs should point north or east. If your bedroom is facing the north, the mirrors may reflect negativity. In addition, placing mirrors directly in front of the bed is bad for your love life. You should also avoid placing mirrors in your bedroom if possible.
  • Using Vastu in the bedroom is beneficial for love life, as it can increase the quality of your relationships and prevent frustration and quarrels. It can also reduce miscarriages. When a couple does not feel understood and supported, it’s likely that their love life will suffer. A dark bedroom may also cause emotional disturbance between the two partners. It’s important to avoid dark walls in the bedroom.

How to use bedroom vastu tips to improve your love life?

One of the best ways to enhance your love life is by using bedroom vastu tips. The right colors and arrangement of the furniture can help to nurture your love life. Try using soft pastel shades or recolored bed sheets to evoke passion. Pictures of your partner should be on the east wall, as this direction is associated with love and fertility. It is also advisable to avoid hanging paintings or pictures of deities in the bedroom. Moreover, if you find your wall restricting the natural vibe of your room, you can consider a load bearing wall removal to enhance the space.

According to vastu shastra, the direction of your bed in the bedroom matters a lot. A north-east-facing bed in the master bedroom is bad for lovemaking, while a south-west-facing bed helps men and women stay stable. A south-facing bed, on the other hand, is good for long-term relationships. However, you should avoid putting the bed in the north-east direction. To avoid marital discord, keep the door of the toilet in the bedroom away from the bed.

Besides, a mirror in a bedroom can cause stress and drowsiness and can affect your love life. You should also avoid placing big mirrors in the bedroom, as this can cause strain to your relationship and can impact your health. Lastly, the north-east corner of the bedroom should be free from clutter and should be bare. In order to enhance your love life, place white flowers in the north-east corner and red or purple roses in the south-west corner.

According to Vastu which type of mattress will comfortable for couples?

If you have a partner, you will probably want to buy a couple’s bed that suits your needs. The first question to ask is whether the mattress you’re considering is firm enough. The answer may surprise you, we’ll explore the options for mattresses that are firm enough for couples. You might also be interested in a more traditional mattress. While it is a good idea to buy a softer mattress, some people like a firmer bed. The firmness level of the mattress should be appropriate for the body types of both partners. If both partners use the mattress equally, an adaptive mattress is the best option. It is meant to give equal support and pressure relief to both partners. The size of the mattress is also important. There are difference in dimensions between full and queen mattress, A queen-size mattress is 60 inches by 80 inches, while a full bed provides 54 inches by 75 inches.

Is a twin XL mattress less comfortable than a queen mattress for a couple?

While you may have limited space, a full size mattress is an ideal option for a couple’s room. In fact, many people choose to buy twin XL mattresses to combine. A full size mattress is more comfortable for one person, while a twin XL is smaller and better for a couple. However, there are many other factors to consider before making this decision. When comparing twin XL mattress size vs queen, consider the length. A twin is approximately 38 inches long, while a queen is 79 inches long. The extra length allows for a couple to sleep on one mattress without crowding the other. Whether a twin XL mattress is less comfortable than a queen depends on the size of the bed. The full mattress is too narrow for two adults.  Explore tips on how to dress a divan bed if you’re considering options for maximizing comfort and style in your bedroom.


If you’re looking to improve your love life and get closer to your partner, try these bedroom Vastu tips. Light colors and an uncluttered bedroom are the best ways to infuse your space with romance and intimacy. Avoid overly bright colors such as red and yellow and opt for pastel shades. You should also avoid placing any electronic gadgets near the bed, as the electromagnetic waves they emit may cause tension between you and your partner.

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