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How to buy the best dual shower heads for your bathroom?

The list for dual shower heads is long, with an array of options lined up flaunting a variety of features, some common and some unique to the brand. When there’s so much to look for, it becomes crucial to understand what each feature represents and what is its importance in the product’s functionality and lifetime. To help make your job easier, here are our top recommendations that you need to look for in a dual shower head before making a pick:-

  • Look for the spray settings

The variety of spray settings a showerhead offers is a standard to go by when choosing the best dual shower heads. The spray settings range from rain shower to massage and can go as far as to include 12 varied options to offer a personalized showering experience.

So, depending on whether you’re ‘the more the merrier kind of person or not you can pick your version of dual showerheads.

  • Make sure the Hose length is long

The hose length of your handheld showerhead is directly proportional to your ease of showering. The longer the hose, the easier it is for you to access it and wash areas you otherwise might not be able to reach. Longer hose length makes showering comfortable for longer people and the disabled. It also comes in handy when you need to wash your kids or pets.

  • What is the shower head made of?

Most of the good-quality dual showerheads you’ll find in the market are made up of stainless-steel blend and for very practical purposes. Stainless steel not just offers a rust-resistant product but also offers durability and a clean, sleek finish. Chrome is another trendy choice among people looking for a more elegant finish. You can pick any of such looks, however,  you should steer away from using plastic showerheads as they in no aspect compare to the metal ones.

  • Choose the Showerhead dimensions wisely.

The dimensions of your showerhead affect the surface area of the showerhead, meaning it directly affects the water spray and its flow. So, it is vital to buy a showerhead with decent enough dimensions and wide distribution of nozzles, for a spa-like showing experience.

  • Don’t forget to look for the warranty

Guarantees and warranties are the easiest way of judging a company and the faith they have in their product’s quality. Picking a product with a longer guarantee period is a must and we’re inherent followers of this rule. Numerous products come with a lifetime guarantee, thus offering you surety and your product the security of the company, should there be any problem with the product’s functioning.


And with this, we wrap up our guide on ‘how to buy the best dual showerheads. There are many more small points that you can look for in a full shower head to personalize your buying experience including a budget, flow rate, water conservation status, etc. So, if you are ready with the list of features you would like in a showerhead, then without further ado, go get it right now!

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