Are you in the search of the dream leaked face, you are not the only one there are lots of other viewers who search for the dream real face. Fans request the dream to reveal his face. If you see the comments of the viewers on youtube you will notice how they are interested in dream face reveal. 

If you don’t know about the dream don’t worry we will introduce it here. Dream creates the famous Minecraft video games content on youtube. Dream start his youtube channel 8 years ago back on Feb 8, 2014, but still dream did not show his real face to their viewers. And the request from the viewers increases day by day to see dream real face. That’s the reason that most people search for the dream face reveal video.

Why do viewers expect about dream face reveal?

How fans are hopeful for a man that he will show his face even though he did not show his face in the past 8 years? This is because recently dream show his hair in during streaming. So dream hair reveal make the people hopefully that one day dream must show his real face in front of the camera.

Did dream do a face reveal?

The first instance where we got a glimpse of dream was his Instagram profile dream face reveal Instagram. On his Instagram dream has started uploading his pictures several times but without showing his face. He even uploaded full body pictures without the head portion or dreams face reveal.

Even those pictures were welcomed by fans with so much enthusiasm. We now know that he has a lean body and he has tall which is about 5 feet and nine inches tall guy. The profile picture on his YouTube is just a smiley face and it became the identification or you can say the logo of the dream. Simply no one can strongly claim about the dreams face leaked.

Instagram is not the only social media app where the dream has lots of fans. Twitter is another platform where his fans search for the twitter dream face reveal. But once again, they do not find a single dream face reveal twitter.

A dream made everyone speculate he might be revealing his face through video. There was a high expectation from his fans that dream might do a face reveal in the new year. On 31 December 2020 dream uploaded an 8 seconds dreams face leaked video where he removed the mask which he was holding in his hand only to reveal the original smiley face mask inside. This was the first time dream was pranking his fans with a dreams face reveal.

Why does dream keep his face a mystery?

Even though he said that he will show his face to fans but still he makes a prank on the fans, and yet did not show his face. Because of this, dream gets even more popular and his YouTube channel goes up exponentially. He gains lots of subscribers and likes because his fans are waiting for the dream face reaveal. He will use this face reveal game until he takes full advantage of it.

Dream bond with his fans?

You know dream face is not the only mystery for his fans, fans do not know about the dream personal life. The dream also keeps his personal life a mystery. Most fans are not familiar with the full name of a dream. Clay is the real name of this famous YouTuber and dream is the nickname (YouTube channel name).

Apart from this fans do not know about the likes and dislikes of a dream because dream does not want to reveal his personal life.

Dream is well known for?

The 22 years old guy is famous for the youtube video. On his youtube channel, he creates Minecraft game content. He is famous for his Minecraft streaming that’s the reason that people are in search of the dream face reveal stream. He makes long videos, some of the videos even cross the length of 1 hour, and mostly they create up to 30 minutes of video.

If we talk about the likes and views of the dream videos. It is stunning, his video always gains millions of views. His most popular videos are Minecraft speedrunner vs 3 hunters grand finale which get 114 million views. Similarly, Minecraft speedrunner vs 4 hunters and Minecraft speedrunner vs 5 hunters rematch is the other popular videos that gained 90 and 77 million views respectively.

He creates different playlists for the video. You can find the related videos in these playlists. Some content has 5 to 6 videos while some have more than 20 videos in a single playlist.


The subscribe section of the dream youtube channel ran faster in the past 2 years and now in 2022, it reach 29.9 million. Total views of the dream channel now hit 2 billion figures.

Other youtube channels of dream

A dream does not compromise on a single youtube channel as after becoming famous he has his team for handling different channels. So he along with his team handles 7 other youtube channels which are mentioned below.

  • Dream XD with 4.51 million subscribers.
  • Dream team gaming with 2.42 million subscribers.
  • Dream shorts with 1.98 million subscribers.
  • George Not Found with 10.2 million subscribers.
  • Sapnap with 4.58 million subscribers.
  • Bad boy halo with 3.69 million subscribers.
  • Minecraft manhunt with 861k subscribers.

Is dream the only guy who does not reveal his face?

In the list of face secrete dream is not the only guy but some other YouTubers also keep their face secrete, corpse husband is one of them. Viewers of the corpse husband are curious to see the real face of the corpse husband but till now nobody find the real image.

Last words

So this was all about dream face reveal. Hope you enjoyed the content and come to the result that there is no proof of the dream face reveal leak. Maybe it becomes possible in the future for the dream to reveal his face, but till now we cannot find the real face image of the dream.

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