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DHA Islamabad

Pakistan’s Islamabad–Rawalpindi metroplex includes the Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad, a wealthy gated community, or housing society. There are five distinct sections to the region, which straddles the state of Punjab. The Pakistan Armed Forces Affairs Department built this community in 1992 with military members in mind, but now it’s home to civilians and military families alike. DHA, Islamabad is becoming among the most affluent areas of the twin metropolis.

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Property Classifications

Real purchasers and wealthy investors have long been drawn to DHA houses for the correct reasons. People don’t have to be concerned about the security of their money because the developer is well-known across the country. In addition, they can expect a high value for money from their investment. Houses of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in this exclusive neighborhood. Then there are flats for small and medium-sized households, which are great regarding their position and affordability. They are available in a single, a two, or a four-bed layout.

In DHA Islamabad, properties are flying off the shelves. You can engage in 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal freehold land. DHA Islamabad also offers various property files for purchase. 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are some of the sizes available. Investing in business plots is a smart move in the future. Therefore, you’ll see them for sale in sizes up to 5 Marla. There is no better place to grow your business than smack in the middle of this exclusive neighborhood.

Accommodations and Amenities

DHA Defence, Islamabad is a luxurious and serene place to live. For both residential and business plots, it offers reasonable quarterly installment options. Exclusive suburbia and commercial space with modern conveniences are available in this renowned neighborhood, exiting contemporary living standards. Also included are sophisticated instruction centers, intellectual institutes, and underground wiring and plumbing facilities. In addition, the community has installed checkpoints and CCTV cameras, which are tracked and controlled by the management of the community.

Living Environment

DHA, Islamabad can easily access all kinds of public transit because the area is well-served by major highways. Several minivans can be seen all day around this neighborhood because it is situated outside town. The Defense Avenue & Bahria Expressway and a few bus stops are all within a short distance of homes. Among these are the Aiman Car Station Bus Stop & Noor Colony Chauraha Bus Station, which are placed close to Green Fresh Mart.

Most DHA’s developments feature designated commercial sections outfitted by investors and business people. Banks, shops, offices, and a wide range of other businesses occupy the business real estate in the area. DHA, Islamabad follows suit by incorporating several markets within its borders. General, medical, and other department shops are included in all phases.  DHA Green and Fresh Mart are situated in Sector B of the DHA. Omnia Grocery Store is located next door to Fresh Mart, so there are many options for food shopping nearby. Unique Fair Price Shop, Umer Electric Works, Arslan General Store, Next, Babu Market, and Ajmeree Street Khota Klan are just a few of the nearby alternatives.

Inhabitants of DHA, Islamabad, can conveniently fulfill their daily duties thanks to mosques located in every segment of the community. Many mosques, such as Masjid Falah, Jamia, Phase 1, Sarfaraz, Masjid Gulzar, & Sector B1 Masjid on Defence Avenue Road, are walking distance. Besides that, Al Amin Mosque, Masjid Sulemania, Jamarah, Bilal Mosque, Masjid Muhammadabad Aurania, & Jama Masjid Arl Jump stop are all easily accessible from this location.

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Way of Life of the Individuals

The DHA is known for providing people with a perfect lifestyle. This project has always included a wide range of recreational amenities, comprising gyms and sports facilities. All phases of the DHA, Islamabad, are equipped with top-of-the-line sports and recreational amenities. If you’re looking for a gym, health club, or sports club, you’ll have plenty of options. The DHA Neighborhood Centre Gym in Phase 1 & the Gymnastic Stadium in Bahria Town are two famous examples. The facility’s leadership hosts several fitness courses and health education events to encourage people to take better care of their health. Those who enjoy morning & evening strolls should live in a community with parks & green places. Fortunately, the DHA has also taken care of this. Appropriate architecture and construction ideas that promote clean and green living are prevalent in DHA projects. As a result, DHA, Islamabad, is a veritable garden of parks and greenery.

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