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Complete Your Backyard Environment Project with Affordable Private, Safe, and Aesthetically Engineered Fence Options

Your home and property should feature the amenities to best suit your lifestyle. When you have the opportunity to include an expansive patio, landscaping, water features or pools, and any backyard fun & function accoutrement available, often it will be wrapped in a fence, wall, or natural blind combination.

There is no greater reason than your family and loved one’s safety to research options that will increase it. There are advantages and disadvantages to the many types of barriers you can install or have installed. Permit me a few minutes to walk you through current fencing options.

  • How do you feel about natural barriers? Combining trees, flowering bushes, and shrubs encompasses solutions for many concerns in aesthetics, boundaries, security, and curb appeal. The maintenance could be expensive if you do not have the time and skill to invest. This is my personal go-to choice, but it will not work for every property. Some evergreen varieties grow into wind blocks rapidly. Detailed planning will provide coverage through all seasons.
  • Hardwood fencing and walls offer another level of natural feel. The colour, texture, stain depth, and construction can match any motif. They clearly demark property lines and deflect sound from in or outside your backyard BBQ. In certain climates, the maintenance will be cost-prohibitive. If you have insect concerns; choose timber less susceptible to their infestation.
  • A particular feeling is experienced when using bamboo to enclose or separate outdoor spaces. Live bamboo fences are known as wind barriers and shade providers with the soft sound of breeze through their leaves. Processed bamboo walls can be picketed at varying widths to control the view or breathability of your yard.
  • Block walls are the ultimate in security and their aesthetics can be controlled with colour and texture combinations to match your personal style. Once installed and sealed they can last a long time. Installation requirements are significant. Don’t allow installers to stonewall you.
  • On the opposing end of space definition is glass pool fencing. Glass block construction will allow light to be transmitted while retaining greater privacy. Full glass sheet walls and fences present a modern feel with complete visual access. Not ideal in dense neighbourhoods, but near perfect for any home with a view in even one direction. Including a section of glass pool fencing can be a visual accent point or wraparound infinite view.
  • Chain-link or cable fencing also offers open views and security. The design options are diverse. Installation cost is moderate depending on the material grade.

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Pool fencing can help prevent drowning, injuries, or use by uninvited “guests”. It can enhance communing with nature, family, and friends for parties or life after work. Walls can keep the peace inside your yard and the noise out.  You can increase the curb appeal and value of your property. Keep your pets sheltered, and safe with space to run and play in a controlled area, picket fence, or geofence.

Do your research to not take a walloping in your finances.

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