If you are reading this article, we are guessing the next flight is to Dubai. If that is true, you will love this article.

Everything feels incomplete if there is not enough comfort to stay, ease to travel, and proper direction for proper navigation around the place. You can ask your driver or hotel reception for everything. So what should you do?

Your apps come to your rescue in situations like these. Apps can help you find almost everything you need. However, there are different apps available in various nations. Here is the list of apps you must download before you visit Dubai.

  • The Dubai Mall App:

If you are visiting Dubai, there is no way you can miss the best mall in the world. If you hear from the locals, they say it will take you three days to explore the entire mall. 

However, with so many stores and showrooms, navigation can be difficult. That is when the Dubai Mall app comes in handy.

This app is the solution to all the doubts or queries you might have when exploring the Dubai mall. It has a list of all the brands present in the mall. It will also provide you with directions to all the stores and showrooms.

The best part is that it will inform you about upcoming sales in any of the stores or brands. When you register on the app, you are also able to avail special discounts.

  • Zomato

If you came to Dubai and did not relish the food this place offers, did you even come to Dubai? Zomato is a popular app for all your food needs. From dining delivery, it has everything sorted for you.

You can browse hundreds of cafes and restaurants on this app and decide where you will have your next meal. The best part about this app is its features.

You can filter your search by adjusting the budget, facilities, vibe, cuisine, etc. As a result, your search becomes easier and faster. With several pictures available of the food and ambiance, you can check if the cafe matches your mood or not.

You can also check the reviews before finalizing a place for your next meal.

Zomato will also allow you to book a table via their app. You can easily track your order, stay in contact with the delivery partner, and chat with their excellent customer care team.

  • Dubai RTA

It has almost everything you might need help with when in Dubai. The Dubai RTA app has information about the nearest bus and metro station from your location.

As is well-known, the public transit system in Dubai is very efficient. The Dubai RTA app helps you find the nearest metro station and bus stand. You can also learn which metro or bus to board for your destination.

However, if you are not comfortable with public transport, you can use it to book a cab.

It even offers information on the nearest healthcare facility, shopping mall, etc. As a result, we can say that it works like a digital directory for you. It has almost everything you might need during your stay in Dubai.

  • Guava Pass

This app is a boon for all the fitness enthusiasts who hate packing their fitness drills for vacations and trips. This app lists all the gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, etc., for you. You can look through all the options, narrow your search, and finally decide which fitness program you want to join.

The best part is that there are various membership options. You can find the appropriate membership option here. Even if you are a tourist, you can find the perfect membership scheme.

  • Careem

When in Dubai, forget about Uber and Ola. The city has aced its technology in almost everything. If they can build their beaches, what will stop them from creating their version of Uber, which is cooler?

So, like other carpooling apps, you can easily book your ride from anywhere to anywhere. It is also a great way to support the local economy and help the local people earn more.

The drivers with Careem are called captains. So you can call the captain and sail your ship (which has four wheels) to whatever destination you like.

  • Duolingo

I always suggest to my readers that it is a great idea to learn the local language of the place you are visiting. Learning the local language makes conversations easier and faster. You do not have to worry about reading signs and directions. If you get lost, you can seek help from anyone.

As a result, the best app for this is Duolingo. You can pick up basic words, earn new ones, and even translate any signs and symbols you see.


Dubai is one of my favorite destinations. I love the architecture and everything the place has to offer. However, all of us wish to make the best of our trips. We wish to ensure safety, comfort, hygiene, fun, and experience. As a result, the apps mentioned above are the perfect pick for your Dubai directory. 

Having these apps on your phone while traveling to Dubai will make your trip more comfortable and efficient.

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