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Bedroom Rug Placement Guide

The rug’s position should follow the layout of the furniture around the bed and away from the other walls. It should extend 18 to 24 inches past the edge of the bed and avoid encroaching upon the main walkways. Choosing the size of the area rug should be based on the layout and the size of the bed.

Size Of Bed Rug

Choosing the proper size of bed rug is essential when you’re redecorating your bedroom. You’ll need to consider the length of the bed and the rug’s width before choosing the right placement. Generally, a full bed is seventy-five inches wide and forty-eight inches long, so you should purchase a rug that is between eight and nine feet long. If your room is smaller than these dimensions, a five-foot-by-eight-foot rug may be fine. If you have a larger space, however, a ten-foot-wide rug will be better suited.

Aside from the size, the style of the rug is also important. Choose a rug that is plush and cozy for the person who will sleep on it. Choose a plush, shag, or high-pile rug, if possible. Avoid choosing a square rug, as these don’t fit proportionately with the bed. Choosing the proper color is also essential. You can choose cream-colored rugs for your bedroom

Size Of Area Rug

When choosing the right area rug for your bedroom, consider the size of the bed and the room itself. For example, a queen-size bed should be covered with an area rug that is at least nine feet by 12 feet. The same goes for king-size beds, where a smaller rug will detract from the grand look of the room.

If the room is small and you’re not planning to use the room for a big rug, a five-by-seven-foot area rug may be enough. However, if the bedroom has a nightstand or ottoman, you may want to get a larger rug that extends beyond the foot and head of the bed. It’s also a good idea to place a rug at least six to eight inches from the wall.

Size Of Bedside Rug

Size Of Bedside Rug

Choosing the right size of bedside rug is important. A standard queen-sized bed is approximately sixty inches wide and eighty inches tall, and a rug of that size should fit at least two feet on either side. King-sized beds, however, are larger and require a nine-by-12-inch or larger rug.

There are a number of factors that determine the size of a bedside rug. If you have a bed with a bench or other seating on one side, a larger rug may be more appropriate. However, if you don’t have benches at the end of the bed, you may only want a smaller rug that fits under the bed. In this case, you may choose a runner or a small three-by-five-inch rug to place on each side of the bed.

Size Of Area Rug For A Twin-Size Bed

To cover the width and all edges of a twin-size bed, you will need a rug measuring at least five feet by seven feet. If you want more floor coverage, you may want to choose a larger area rug, like a six-foot-by-eight-foot rug. This size will complement the arrangement of the rest of the room’s furniture, and will also enhance the look of the bed. You may also place the rug underneath the bed to further enhance the look. There are several ways to display your rugs, including a runner or a wall-mounted rug.

Typically, a twin-size bed measures 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. A five-foot-by-seven-foot area rug will fit perfectly under the bottom two-thirds of the bed. You may also want to consider a nine-foot-by-12-foot area rug.

Size Of Area Rug For A Full-Size Bed

Choosing the right size area rug for a full-size bed requires taking several factors into consideration. The bed and room size are the two most important. A four-foot by six-foot area rug will cover the bottom two-thirds of a full-size bed. For two twin-sized beds, a six-foot by nine-foot area rug will cover both the bed and nightstands. Similarly, a nine-foot by twelve-foot area rug will cover two twin-size beds and two nightstands.

When choosing the right size rug for a full-size bed, you’ll need to take into consideration the furniture placement in your bedroom. If the bed is close to the wall, a three to five-foot rug will be sufficient. If the bed is far away from the wall, leave at least eight inches in front of it.

Size Of Area Rug For A Queen-Size Bed

The size of the rug you choose for your queen-size bed depends on the size of the room. If you have a small room, a 5′ by 8′ rug will work fine. However, if the room is larger, you should consider a larger rug. A larger size will give the room more breathing space and will give the rug a more dramatic effect.

For a room with standard room dimensions, an 8′ x 10′ area rug will fit the bed. If the bed has nightstands or is otherwise obstructing the decor, a larger rug of 9′ x 12′ will do the trick. Most people use bed sizes among standard queens and the olympic queen and therefore you can choose your rug size according to this size. 


If you’re still not sure how to place your bedroom rug, keep these tips in mind. First, consider how much space you have under the bed. If the space is large, place a larger rug underneath the bed. Remember to leave about 2 to 3 inches of the floor exposed underneath the bed. Next, make sure the area rug matches the bed’s shape, color, and texture.

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