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Postcards for Real Estate: How to Use Them to Grow Your Business

In the digital age, it may seem like direct mail is a thing of the past. However, postcards can still be a valuable marketing tool – especially when marketing real estate. Studies have shown that direct mail is still an effective way to reach potential customers, and real estate postcards can be a cost-effective way to send your message. As per the 2018 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 43 percent of buyers found their home through online advertisements or print.

Of those buyers, 27 percent found their home through a yard sign or open house. Postcards can be used to target both of these groups of people. For buyers who are actively searching for a home, they can be used to promote open houses or special events. Postcards can be a way to introduce your business to those who are not actively searching to buy or sell a property. Read more about cheapest bulk printing in US .

Here are a few useful tips on how to use real estate farming postcards to grow your business:

Know Your Target Audience:

The primary step in any marketing campaign is to identify your target audience. Who are you trying to reach with your cards? Are you targeting potential buyers or sellers? Are you targeting a specific geographic area? You can create a card tailored to your target audience once you know who they are.

If you are targeting potential buyers, your postcard might feature information on open houses or special events. If you are targeting potential sellers, they might feature information on your listing services or market analysis.

No matter who you are targeting, it is essential to make sure that your postcards are designed to grab attention. Use bright colors and exciting images to make your cards stand out.

Use a Call to Action:

Your postcards should always include a call to action. This brief statement tells the reader what you want them to do. For instance, your call to action might be “Call me for a free market analysis” or “Visit my website to see open houses in your area.”

Your call to action should be clear and concise. It should also be placed notably on the card so the reader can’t miss it.

Include all the relevant details if you include a special offer on your postcard. For example, if you offer free market analysis, include your phone number and website address.

Track Your Results:

Once you have sent out your postcards, it is crucial to track your results. One way to do this is to include a unique offer code on each card. This way, you can track how many heads respond to your offer.

You should also track the results of your open houses and special events. Keep track of how many people attend each event and how many leads you generate. This information will help you determine whether your postcard campaign is successful.

Test, Test, Test:

The only effective way to know what works is to test different versions of your postcards—many types of postcards include Just listed, Market Update, Automated Seller Valuation, and many more. Try different versions and see which ones generate the most response.

Consider your goals for the property and the target audience you are trying to reach when choosing which type of postcards to use. Many reputed platforms offer a wide variety of options to choose from.


Real estate postcards are an excellent way to generate leads and get people interested in your listings. They are relatively inexpensive to produce, highly targeted, and one of the most effective marketing tools for generating leads. If you’re not already using postcards as part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to start!

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