Are Mussels Good for You? Let’s Find Out

Mussels aren’t really the talk of the town. They are quite under-appreciated but surprisingly, they have a lot of health benefits to offer.

With a huge variety of fresh mussels, varying from salt water and fresh water mussels, the ones that we mostly eat are the blue ones. These are also known as edible mussels and they reside in a bivalve shell. However, they are not eaten much because of a handful of reasons. As mussels are filter feeders, they consume toxins sometimes, and thus, they are not very friendly to eat.

However, farm-raised mussels are cleaner and have lesser chances of being contaminated as well. You can rely on some of the best sources and buy fresh mussels online from Fish Me as they have self-raised mussels which are free of toxins.

 But the question here is; are the benefits of these creatures worth it, to take the risk? Let’s find out.

1. High-Quality Protein Source:

Mussels are a great source of high-quality protein. It contains all the important amino acids which make them superior in terms of the nutritional value that they have to offer. The protein found in mussels is also easier to digest which makes them more beneficial for the human body and mind. It boosts muscle health and strengthens the bones as well.

2.  Prevents Anemia:

Mussels can also be helpful in the prevention of anemia as they are a wonderful source of iron. Iron is one of the major elements that prevents anemia and also boosts energy in the human body. They also have a high content of Vitamin B12, which yet again, makes them great for preventing anemia and boosting blood generation in the body.

3.  Healthier Heart:

A healthier heart is connected with a healthier mind and body. Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the major components of a healthy heart as they regulate a healthier heartbeat and also help in keeping the blood pressure balanced. Mussels contain omega 3 fatty acids, which makes them a good source for boosting heart health. It also consists of DHA and EPA.

4.  Might help in Weight Loss:

Some studies suggest that mussels can be helpful in losing weight. As mussels are giving you a handful of nutrition without calories, it helps you in staying fuller, without the urge of having to eat again and again. Thus, it can contribute to weight loss.


Mussels are contaminated (most of them) and they do pose a risk for many people. The above-mentioned benefits can be fulfilled through various other fish sources and food options as well. It is certainly not worth the risk but if you have a good source like Fish Me, to get your hands on mussels that are free of toxins, then you might consume them once in a blue moon. 

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