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A Comprehensive Guide On Curtains For Arched Windows

Are you looking for perfect curtains for arched windows? Choosing the right curtains can be tricky when you have an arched window in your home. The style of curtains you choose can make or break the entire design, so keep a few things in mind. The most crucial thing to consider is the color of the fabric for curtains. There are many options when it comes to colors and styles. You can choose a plain fabric or a pattern design or go completely transparent. The possibilities for color and style are almost endless. Here we will provide you guidance on arched window treatments. So you can know which combination will work best with your home.

Swag-style curtains

To cover your arching windows with attractive swag-style curtains, you need to know how to hang them. You can hang them in asymmetrical ways or alternate the style for both windows. To hang your curtains, place one short rod above the top of each window and two long curtains on each side. Then, place your curtains at the top of each window and secure them at the bottom of the arch. You can decorate the valances with rosettes or other accents.

There are many ways to hang swag-style curtains on arched windows. The first one is called a bustle swag, and it uses the same pleating as the drapery. Another option is pinch-pleated drapery. You need to pick a fabric that compliments the arched windows or adds contrast to them.

Grommet tops

A popular style for decorating arched windows is a curtain panel with grommets sewed into the top. These grommets allow for easy movement of the panels along the curtain rod. While the look is similar to pinch pleated curtains, grommet tops create a less-tight pleat. The sheer material used to create these panels is versatile and comes in many different colors.

To measure the window and determine the number of grommets per panel, take the window’s width and multiply by two. NICETOWN curtains will provide you best curtains that you can style in different ways. Take the total width and add 2 inches to allow for the hems. 

Add all sides of the window to get the desired length of the curtains. If you need more panels, add a couple of inches to compensate for any irregularities in the window frame. Grommet placement is the most difficult part of making curtains.


To make pinch pleats curtain style for arched windows, measure the width of the window and the stackback of the drape. Add this measurement to your measurements to calculate the right amount of pleats to make the curtain hang correctly. 

Arched windows can be difficult to fit. You can use custom-made filtering cellular curtains for the window and install them with a custom arch rod. You can also choose to install an arch valance cornice for a contemporary look. Alternatively, you can install an arch-shaped wooden or metal box on the arched window and cover it with a good color-themed fabric curtain. 

Final Words

You have several options when choosing a rod for curtains for arched windows. Some rods are adjustable and come with a center bracket. Others are inflexible. In any case, you must measure the length of the window to ensure the right length. You can use a tape measure or piece of string to make sure you get the right size.  Then, you need to install the clips that hold the rod’s bend in place.

Follow all this information mentioned in the post. So, you can design your curtains with the windows. So whoever visits your drawing room or house can have a sense of elegance and beauty in your house.

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