7 Steps to Workflow Automation with No-Code

The rise of technology has touched every aspect of our lives and businesses. There was a time when the building of a simple application needed IT specialists. These tasks were considered a real chore. Nowadays, No-Code, the short form for No-Code Development, has taken the world by storm. Similarly, the business workflow was mainly based on traditional methodologies. This is currently getting replaced with workflow automation in the active world.

What is No-Code?

No-Code can be explained as the application creation method that requires no thorough coding know-how and experience. Compared to traditional coding, No-Code uses basic dragging and dropping GUI (Graphic User Interface) themes. These features are easily manipulated, especially for users with minimum tech knowledge.

What is the Workflow Automation Process?

A Workflow Automation is making traditional workflow a thing of the past. It includes labor or paper-based activities. Multiple benefits have established it as the ruling process nowadays, such as;

  • Reduced human error.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Better multitasking.
  • Cost reduction and more.

A business user can easily make changes with a No-Code platform. He can also fix any issue himself about the flow of work without calling some IT experts. Let’s observe the 7-steps to getting your work automated with No-code by using the best place,

  • Define your Ultimate Goal

Firstly, before going for workflow automation with No-Code, you should clearly imagine your ultimate goal. It can stretch across many areas like,

  • How much automation is to be brought into daily business activities.
  • What are your company’s aims, primary and secondary?
  • The processes you have listed to be included in app development or for automation support your primary goal or not.

 Clarity about all such elements is essential before and after implementing a newly optimized workflow. It can only help in achieving the best results.

  • List business processes requiring automation

Not all of your processes will need automation. You should make a list of all the business activities of high priority. Generally, repeating tasks can be considered a high priority. Like your communication department might demand the smoothest workflow with No-Code in terms of efficient sending of emails and sending of forms from person to person.

  • Map your work steps

A visual diagram of the complete flow to be automated can go a long way in depicting the overall structure. You can easily configure the workflow with parallel and flowing downwards action stages. The importance of each business process can be readily determined this way for automation purposes. It will aid in no-code software development.

  • Establish checklists and measure KPI

You should establish checklists and measure any changes in your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) before and after optimization of workflow using No-Code. You may add various questions in your checklists about business actions and their operators/ users. As workflows and processes are similar to living beings because they are ever-changing. So, they need to be optimized regularly. Such data increases the speed of the software development process.

  • Select and train the right users

You should select and train the right users to handle the newly automated workflow. They could be trained in the no-code app-making process and do some editing or make changes with time.

  • Browse for the perfect No-code platform

Each year, you get more and more options in the shape of No-Code instructors and platforms. Selecting the best automation program can feel tricky. Because you look for numerous factors before making a choice, such as,

  • Your flow’s complexity,
  • The right price
  • Your employees’ skill-set and experience


  • Go for Free Trial with the AppMaster

 If you are looking for a complete package, is the perfect No-code platform to automate your workflow process. Shed those doubts and book a demo or get a free trial even. We have got you covered with a bundle of unlimited features. Some are:

  • Pre-built and customized drag and drop features.
  • Create backend to your applications with a No-Code instructor.
  • There is no need to re-publish edits to apps built in the AppMaster as they get automatically updated.
  • Build apps of great complexity within a few days.
  • Connect your improved workflow to hundreds of other apps.

In Conclusion

Choose digital revolution with automated flow and no-code. Select a trusted partner like You can never go wrong with us for your success goals.

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