5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Instagram Creator Accounts

Are you familiar with the Instagram Creator account? It is one of the latest features of Instagram which is perfect for creators all around the world. As the name suggests, the Creator account distinguishes business accounts on Instagram from those of content creators, influencers, and public figures. This account comes with an amazing set of tools that can optimize your Instagram profile within a few minutes. 

Whether you want to know the latest trends, monitor profile performance, organize your inbox or reach a wider audience, a Creator account can help you achieve any goal. You can buy Instagram followers to gain more visibility. But when you combine it with the creator account, you can multiply your followers like never before. Hop in to know the five best ways to make the most out of your Instagram creator account and put your efforts into action. 

  • Leverage Instagram Analytics

The primary benefit of having a creator account is that it provides detailed data analytics about your profile. With Instagram analytics, you can monitor the post-performance and demographic data of the target audience. Additionally, you get access to the Creator Studio, which offers deep insights into all the profile metrics on a single dashboard. 

Instagram analytics reduces the time and effort to monitor the growth and optimize marketing strategies. Manage your DMs, posts, comments, and other analytics from one place. Having a creator account just makes things easier to manage your growth on Instagram. Furthermore, it helps gain more engagement for your Instagram posts. 

  • Streamline Audience Communication with Optimized Inbox

As a creator, it is very important to maintain separate inboxes for personal and professional chats. This is where the Creator account provides an edge over the regular Instagram account. Here, you can select specific messages and direct them to the Primary Inbox. Use the General Inbox for personal chats. This segregation of messages helps in organizing your DMs. Furthermore, it helps reduce the number of spam messages. 

  • Promote Brand Products on Instagram 

As a creator on Instagram, you can partner with different brands in your niche. Promote brand products by posting a picture, publishing a review, or simply creating a video about the product. The benefit of promoting brand products with a creator account is that it allows you to tag the brand on your post. This makes it easier for the viewers to go to the brand page and purchase the products they like. 

Promoting brands with a creator account opens up an opportunity to receive valuable sponsorships. It also helps to gain more engagement for your Instagram posts. Additionally, the tag feature provides straightforward details about the brand and saves your time from answering the product details to each viewer. 

  • Flexible Contact Visibility

With a Creator account, you can easily turn on and off your contact details at your convenience. This is great for creators who have a couple of sponsorships for their next post and do not wish to get bombarded by other sponsors or brand deals. Turn on the contact visibility tool whenever you require sponsors and turn it back off as per your convenience. This helps to avoid excessive brand messages and protects your inbox from receiving spam messages or calls. 

  • Select a Category That Resonates with your Profile

Last but not the least, the creator account provides a plenitude of categories to choose from. This feature offers various labels like blogger, actor, writer, freelancer, artist, digital creator, and more. Select the category that reflects your content. This helps your target audience to find you easily on Instagram. Thus, helping you gain more engagement for your Instagram posts. 

Optimize your Instagram bio by specifying the type of content creator you are. This will make your profile more professional and help get followers who’ll be interested in your profile. 


Growing on Instagram takes time and consistent efforts to publish new content every day. Of course, you can buy Instagram followers and gain a wider reach. However, the retention rate of your followers solely depends on the quality of your content. Instagram creator account offers several benefits to managing your online presence. Additionally, it streamlines your success rate on the platform and helps you achieve your highest potential as a creator. 

Get ahead of your competitors with the creator account and establish your brand/talent on Instagram. Keep an eye on new updates to skyrocket your engagement rate. With unique features like data analysis, creator labels, inbox organization, and more, Instagram promises better profile management and user activity. So, don’t shy away from leveraging the new Instagram features and take your popularity to the next level. 

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