You Can’t Shake off Cube Solitaire from Your Mind. Know Why

Very few card games carve out a niche for themselves in the hearts of gamers, such as Cube Solitaire. The game has been entertaining players for over a decade, and its popularity doesn’t seem to shake off. It is one of those rare card games globally enjoyed by players possessing varied skills and experience. Some of the reasons it is difficult to shake off Solitaire Cube from your mind are below.

Easy to Learn and Remember

Unlike other card games, Cube Solitaire is straightforward. It wouldn’t take you too long to understand and apply the rules, whether a novice or an advanced card player.

The game’s primary objective is to arrange the cards from King to Ace and transfer the finished builds to the foundation deck. Therefore, you need to ensure the cards are correctly arranged, and for that, you have to learn the rules. For example, in the game, you can only move the face-forward cards, and the unexposed cards cannot be used in the play unless you have uncovered them. Also, the cards must be arranged in alternating colors while belonging to the same suit.

After you have played a few rounds, you will get the hang of the game’s rules, and you will be confident enough to engage in multiplayer battles with real-life online players.

It is a Skill-Based Game

Cube Solitaire is not a mindless card game. This game is similar to the Solitaire card game. You cannot place the cards randomly or move them from one column to the other. All the moves must be planned, and you have to think of the consequences of every executed move.

The game is interesting because it requires players to have many skills before they can master this game. Some of the skills learned by playing this game are memory skills, analytical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.

The more you play this card game, the better you will get at making decisions when put under challenging situations. For instance, you might have a couple of moves at your disposal in the game. While the timer is ticking away and you can see your opponent’s score on your screen, you have to choose the best move to fetch you the maximum points or benefit your future moves. Making such a decision is tricky, especially when playing an intense 1V1 battle.

However, as you play this card game, making decisions will become more manageable, and you will learn how to play your best move even when you are stressed or nervous. Then, you can apply the same lesson in your regular life and be able to overcome any obstacles that might come your way.

It Creates Opportunities for Earning Cash Prizes

The game is entertaining, and that’s one of the reasons why you cannot put your phone down once you start playing Cube Solitaire matches. But another reason is the ongoing tournaments. You will find cash contests that offer lucrative cash rewards and prizes. If you are confident in your skills, you can participate in these tournaments and win real money. But, of course, you must first play free practice games and hone your skills. Then, participate in these tournaments after you are confident of winning because most contests demand a small entry fee.

Also, before partaking in tournaments, you must check your state’s regulations. For example, some US states do not allow cash-winning games, and if you belong to those states, you can only play free practice games. Fortunately, the free games are also fun as you can play with real-life opponents and enjoy the thrill of beating them. It is also fun to beat one’s score and get better with every match.

So, if you are intrigued about playing Cube Solitaire, you must start by learning the rules. Once the rules are learned, keep in mind the following strategies to improve your winning chances:

  • You need to try and uncover as many cards as possible. It is best to do this early in the game so that your potential moves increase. If you have more moves, you can decide which ones to execute for the maximum impact.
  • It would be best if you focused on emptying a column so that it can be used as a temporary place for storing your cards when you are arranging them. These temporary storage spaces are highly strategic, and it can be the difference between you losing or winning the game against your opponent.
  • When placing a King card in an empty column, you must pay attention to the card’s color. If the card is black, check if you have cards in alternating colors to continue the game and vice versa. It isn’t wise to mindlessly place a King card as the color of this card will dictate the color order for the rest of the pile of that column.
  • You can use the undo button if you have made a mistake. But use this button judiciously so that you don’t attract a penalty.
  • Check the scoring system before starting a match. There would be different actions that fetch points. You need to learn them by heart. So, if you cannot transfer finished builds to the foundation deck within five minutes, you can score points by executing other actions.

Wrapping up

Once you start playing Cube Solitaire, it will be difficult for you to play any other card game. So you need to download and install it right away to understand the hype.

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